Take a Quick Tour Through the Pirates’ New Spring Training Clubhouse

The Pittsburgh Pirates unveiled a new clubhouse at McKechnie Field today. The clubhouse is 22,500 square feet, and includes a strength and conditioning room, athletic training room, hydrotherapy, equipment room, custom wood lockers for players and coaches, kitchen and dining hall, coaches’ conference room, offices, and a press conference room. Here is a look at everything inside the new facility.

McKechnie Field Clubhouse

McKechnie Field Clubhouse

McKechnie Field Clubhouse

  • For those who are interested, here is a brief news video of Pirates players moving into their new clubhouse. If you watch really carefully there is also a brief 2 sec cameo of Tim in the video.

  • I doubt their agents want to hear this, but the players will take this renovation (and the many others) as a sign that success for them is shared with the entire organization. It might allay some monetary demands if they buy into that they’re playing (working) for a pretty sharp outfit that will continue to stress all the virtues of “TEAM”.

  • Thank you John!! That failure to acknowledge the American Association years has always annoyed the hell out of me as well!!!!

  • very nice facility – quite the upgrade

  • That “Since 1887” annoys me every time I see it. The Pirates franchise started in 1882 in the American Association. It was the same club/players/owners from 1886 as it was in 1887 when they moved to the National League. The two leagues played a postseason series because they were each considered “Major Leagues” at the time. Them saying they have been around since 1887 is the same as the Brewers claiming they started 1998 when they moved to the NL or the Astros saying they started in 2013 when they moved to the AL. End rant.