MLB Network to Show Ten Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training Games

MLB Network released their Spring Training broadcast schedule today and a total of ten Pittsburgh Pirates games will be shown on the network. The catch is that only four of the games will be shown live and you’ll need a DVR for a few of the start times.

The Spring Training schedule for the network starts off with the Pirates on the road against the Toronto Blue Jays on March 3rd at 1:00 PM. That is one of the four live telecasts, with the others coming on March 15th, 22nd and April 1st.

ROOT Sports will show five live games, which includes the March 15th game against the Baltimore Orioles and three games that will be shown tape delayed on MLB Network.

MLB Network also announced that the Pittsburgh Pirates episode of 30 Clubs in 30 Days will be shown on March 28th. They spend the day at each training camp and talk to the players and go over the team. It’s a long wait, but since it’s near the end of Spring Training, the show will have a better idea as to who will make the team.

The full MLB Network schedule(asterisks next to live games):

3/3: @ Blue Jays 1 PM*

3/9: @ Blue Jays 6 AM

3/12: @ Phillies 9 AM

3/15: vs Orioles 1 PM*

3/18: vs Astros 3 AM

3/18: vs Tigers 8 PM

3/22: vs Red Sox 6 AM

3/22: @ Astros 1 PM*

4/1: @ Orioles 7 PM*

4/5: @ Phillies 6 AM


  • Just looked into attending the Jays game while I was down there. No Labatt’s, no poutine, not even ketchup chips or a Tim Horton’s. Just the standard minor league ballpark crap. With all the Canucks visiting Florida in winter, you’d think they could do better.

  • Awesome! While my friends are going to Florida this year for Spring Training, I’ll be watching from my couch! sigh…