Discussing Spring Training Battles With David Todd

I was on with David Todd yesterday on ESPN 970, discussing a lot of Spring Training topics. We briefly discussed why an Andrew McCutchen extension doesn’t need to be discussed now. I talked about why this is one of the slowest camps in Spring Training, but went into some of the pitching spots that will be up for grabs, and some of the pitchers who could be fighting for those final spots. You can listen to the segment below.


  • I agree that we don’t need any McCutchen extension talk right now, the only thing that is boring is hearing the media harping on how he should get paid more now than he is, they don’t seem to realize that some of that lower money he got was arb years and if something happens to him, like a bad injury that causes him to come back poorly, the Pirates would get the bad end of the deal, this current deal is not over with yet.

  • This isn’t meant to be a complaint, just feedback. I almost always am visiting this site from work, and can only read articles, because I can’t have volume and i work with a headset, so i start reading an article, find out it is a video, and it is just a disappointment. Even on my laptop at home, my volume is so bad that I wouldn’t be able to hear it anyway. Feedback would just be to share a little more of the meat of the conversation so readers can get some value out of it if they aren’t able to view the video for whatever reason, rather than just a lead in to the video.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go through and transcribe everything we talked about. I put that up in between posting the minor league schedule, answering the Q&As this week, and editing a video that will go up at noon.

      I’m trying to present every type of content this year, whether that’s photos, audio, video, or just regular articles. There are actually people who have contacted me saying they don’t have time to read articles, and prefer more video and audio, which is why we’re incorporating that into the site more this year. If you’ve read the rest of the written articles, then you probably know most of what David and I discussed.

    • For different reasons I agree. I would much rather read than watch videos. This site has in my opinion become to video reliant.

      • How so? We post one video feature per day. We post at least five articles per day. If 20% or less of the articles are video features, then how is that video reliant?

        Not to mention, the video articles also include actual articles with background and analysis on the player.

        • The articles with video appear to be abbreviated and there is a need to watch the video to get all the information.

          Perhaps it just seems like there is more video content then there actually is. In any event I have always preferred to read any kind of news. Maybe I am in the minority and/or just showing my age.

          I do want to thank you for providing thought provoking content. I enjoy most of what I read here whether or not I agree with any particular article.

          • “The articles with video appear to be abbreviated and there is a need to watch the video to get all the information.”

            That’s true. That’s why they’re video features. There would be no point in posting video at all if all of the content was in the article.

            At the same time, if I put all of the content in the article, it would take much longer for me to write it up, meaning I wouldn’t have that extra article per day. And the article would be much, much longer, which would take at least another five minutes to read.

            “Perhaps it just seems like there is more video content then there actually is.”

            In previous Spring Trainings, I would do one written feature per day, plus First Pitch on Sunday-Thursday night, plus any notes from Hurdle that were interesting. We’d also have our draft articles and any other news. Usually there were at least four articles per day. We still have all of that. We’ve just added a video feature in addition to the rest of the usual content.

            So far, the video content has been very successful. The top three articles last week were video features. And that’s not a surprise, since a lot of people have asked for more video content on the site. So I provided that content, without taking away from anything else on the site.

            • Thank you for the thoughtful reply.

              “The top three articles last week were video features.” This could be do to subject rather than the type of media used. While I do take back my comment about the site becoming too video reliant after your explanation, I still prefer written content and would hate to lose that in the future.

              • “This could be do to subject rather than the type of media used.”

                I believe it’s due to the type of media, especially since a lot of people have requested more video in the past. Also, these have been popular because they’ve been shared more often, including sharing the videos. And the amount of feedback I’ve received in favor of the videos has been pretty strong. Finally, they’ve surpassed First Pitch articles, which never happens. The written analysis articles are popular, and more popular than other categories. But First Pitch always dominates everything else in terms of views. And the videos have been going beyond that. So there’s something more than just the article topics.

                What I’m doing isn’t a new concept. Ken Rosenthal has released video features on Fox Sports for a few years now. Baseball America will have video breakdowns. The Trib and PG both have video interviews paired with their articles. We’re in an age where everyone has a smart phone and a YouTube app on every device that allows them to watch videos. And most people don’t want to just read everything, but want a variety of media. As I pointed out, the written content hasn’t gone anywhere. We’ve just added a new media format in addition to that content. So we’re adding video for the large group of people that want the video, and we’re not taking anything away from people who want written articles. That’s my job on this site, to provide content for as many people as possible.

                • Then it must be I am truly showing my age. Keep up the good work. I have been reading this site for years and it is amazing how much you have grown Pirates Prospects over time. Thank you!

            • Tim, we love your site, even when we don’t agree with your opinions it is always worth reading and getting that point of view. The video features always seem to be relevant and things I want to read, then i find out its a video and i’m like……oh well, and move on. If you seperated the articles from the videos under recent content, that would really be helpful!