Pirates Will Have Five Spring Training Games Broadcast on ROOT Sports

The Pittsburgh Pirates will have five Spring Training games broadcast on ROOT Sports this year, with all five coming in the middle of camp. The scheduled games are as follows.

**Sunday, March 15 vs. Baltimore Orioles at 1:05 p.m.

**Tuesday, March 17 vs. Houston Astros at 1:05 p.m.

**Wednesday, March 18 vs. Detroit Tigers at 6:05 p.m.

**Saturday, March 21 vs. Boston Red Sox at 1:05 p.m.

**Friday, April 3 at Philadelphia Phillies (Philadelphia) at 7:05 p.m.

Normally the March 15th-21st timeframe is the best time to see Spring Training. Pitchers are a little more stretched out. Position players are playing a little deeper into the games. Most importantly, the roster is starting to take shape, revealing who might make the team. The latter probably won’t be much of a surprise this year, since there don’t look to be many actual position battles. Then again, it never hurts to see baseball on TV in March, even if there is little surprise in who might make the team. I’m sure for many people, one of these games will give the first look at Korean infielder Jung Ho Kang.

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I have season tickets to sell on craigslist, yay! Had to cancel my trip down to Bradenton this year. 2nd row from the field, 1 section away from the corner on the first base side down the right field line, seats 1-4 if anyone needs some i still have all the games


Get a dog they like stinky things! Then you won’t be alone and you will have something to talk too. Lol


I like watching the Pirates early in ST, you get to see a lot of the prospects from the Pirates, but the other teams also, I can watch guys like Walker and McCutchen anytime.
TV can’t justify what it is really like in Bradenton in March, place is packed, so close to the players and coaches, lot of old dudes there to jaw to, just a great atmosphere.


You got it leadoff.


I’ve made most of my trips down there on my own, and have enjoyed the opportunity to engage in banter about the players. I might say i have more fun going alone than when I have friends or the GF with me


Just got the Sporting News preview. They picked the Cubs to win it all. Way to jump on the bandwagon early! The Cubs will be better but they need like 12 young guys to all break out at once. The Pirates and Royals can speak for that not happening. I think the Cubs will be way better but to say they will jump teams like the Nats, Dodgers, Giants, Cardinals, and the Pirates is just laughable. They also picked the Tigers to be in the World Series and Boston to win the division with neither of Balt or Toronto making the playoffs so I think they will either look brilliant or most likely look really bad on their picks. What reason is there to believe Baltimore won’t be really good again? 96 wins last year and a team that is like the Pirates of the AL: Good defense, good hitters and pen, and solid but unspectacular staff.


I can smell the fresh cut grass, buttered popcorn and hotdogs now! (not to mention the guy two seats over who last had a bath in1979) bring on baseball and let’s play two!!


Damn it, and I’m not going to bathe again until they win another World Series!


At least now I’ll know who you are.lol


Yeah, I said the same thing in ’80.
I have gotten used to living alone……..


….and watch all the senior citizens in the front rows at McKechnie pilbo. I have to miss ST this year for the 1st time since the early 2000s, and I am already feeling bad !


I’ll have a dog for you! ( and spray some air freshener in your name)


I moved to St Petersburg area 13 months ago and only made it down to Bradenton once. Plan on getting down there more this year. Probably will catch the Pirates in Clearwater and Dunedin too. I need to check those parks out.


The O’s park in Sarasota is very nice, not too far from Bradenton, it used to be a dump when the Reds where there, but they did a lot with it. One of the nicest ones is the Braves park in Disney Land.


Yes indeed leadoff, Ed Smith in Sarasota now is really nice. Actually, the only one on the West Coast I am not crazy about is in Dunedin. But Clearwater, Lakeland, both in Ft. Myers, the Rays and of course, the updated McKechnie are all just great.Now I am REALLY depressed thinking about missing them this year !


I haven’t been to the park in Sarasota but know Sarasota well so definitely need to get there too.


The Disney park is nice, but almost Too nice, like a major league park. Doesn’t have the minor league feel. I love the Rays park down in Port Charlotte, and of course the Red Sox new place in Fort Myers. Went to Lakeland last year for the first time, that is an interesting park. Haven’t been to Dunedin yet, i’ve heard its a dump lol. Sarasota is okay, but Clearwater is nicer. The yankees place irritates me or maybe its just the yankees in general. Quite honestly folks, with the renovations to McKechnie, we have the best Spring training home i’ve seen so far….although I do miss the batting cages and the player access the way it was before. Its a fair trade for the outfield seating and deck above the pitchers bullpen (an idea they stole from the rays)


Dunedin looks like a dump from the outside. I have been to Ft Myers but don’t really see the need to go back there unless I have to. Dunedin is a cool town.


Liitle known tip about disney’s ballpark, they have fl. resident tix from5-10 bucks. Call the box office for details.

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