More Praise For Alen Hanson

Earlier today, we unveiled the #7 prospect on our top 20 countdown and it was Alen Hanson. He also was named the 89th ranked prospect by Keith Law in his top 100 list today. Jonathan Mayo capped off the day for Hanson with an honorable mention in an article that goes along with their series of top ten prospects at each position.

MLB Pipeline still considers Hanson a shortstop for their rankings and it’s a deep position in the minors. It’s likely that Hanson would have been in the top ten for second baseman if they ranked him there instead. In the follow up article for the top ten, Mayo praised Hanson’s batting skills and overall offense, saying that he can hit, with some extra-base pop and he can run. He also points out something that important to remember with Hanson and that is the fact that he will be 22 this entire upcoming season and in AAA, which will make him one of the younger players in the league.

Tomorrow night(Friday) on MLB Network, they will have a show announcing the top 50 draft picks, while also posting #51-100 on their website. According to Jim Callis earlier this week, seven Pirates players will be on the list, so expect Hanson to make an appearance somewhere in the second half of their list.

  • As far as the top 100 list, wasn’t Hanson ranked much higher last year?

    • He wasn’t far off for Law, he had him #74 last year and 89th this year. Law mentioned on the radio today that last year’s class only graduated ten players, so this year’s is a deeper class.

      • R/John: I also think the drop in ranking had something to do with his switch from SS to 2B. The ranking systems seem to be bent in favor of pitching first and then power hitters. After that, the position players are based on traditional importance, with Shortstop being a much more important position than 2B.