Tyler Glasnow News and Links

It’s been a quiet few days for baseball news since the holiday, but Tyler Glasnow is getting an unusual amount of press for this time of the year. Most consider the 6’7″ right-hander to be the top prospect in the Pittsburgh Pirates system and he certainly picked up the awards and recognition this year to go along with that ranking. Here are three links from the last few days to keep you busy while we wait for some Pirates news.

An article from Mark Whicker at the Los Angeles Daily News with quotes from Glasnow. You’ll find out his weight is listed wrong and he has an unusual nickname.

Bernie Pleskoff, who has scouted in the past and is now a contributor for MLB.com, has a scouting report on Glasnow from the AFL season. The article is titled “Hard-throwing Glasnow has a bright future”, so you can basically tell he thinks highly of him.

Finally, Baseball America has a small piece on Glasnow and his curve. John Perrotto talks about Glasnow being able to throw his breaking ball for strikes and how it’s key for his progress.

  • am i the only one who noticed a sort of disconnect between the body of the article and the concluding sentence in the pleskoff piece? obviously glasnow has work to do, but assuming he progresses appropriately, do we really imagine his ‘ultimate’ future as a, ‘solid, innings-eating mid-rotation starter?’

    • It wouldn’t say much for the minor leagues as a whole if the player some consider to be the best pitching prospect has to progress to be a mid-rotation starter

    • Seems like the editor may have butchered that last paragraph a bit.

      Regardless of whether or not some consider him to be the best pitching prospect in the minors, he absolutely COULD end up being a mid-rotation starter based on what he is right now. There’s nothing wrong with giving that opinion after clearly stating several issues that Glasnow is currently dealing with earlier in the paragraph.

      However, saying that he ultimately “can” be a mid-rotation starter implies that is his ceiling, or at least that’s how I read it. If Glasnow improves all the stuff Pleskoff noted and maintains the stuff he currently has, then he most certainly can be more than that.

  • I have hopes of Glasnow continuing to pack on wait over the next few years and fill his frame out some..lol

  • wait can we have 2 baby giraffes?

    • ???? WHHAT? ! ! ???

      • Some people also call Gregory Polanco the “Baby Giraffe”, but I think it’s okay if one is in Spanish and one in English. I remember when they started calling Don Mattingly the “Hit Man” and a bunch of people pointed out that Mike Easler had that nickname long before him, then Easler was traded to the Yankees and that just confused things even more.

        • LOL ! That is beautiful. Two of my favorite ball players growing up… Two of the sweetest left handed swings you could ever ask for.