Pirates Acquire Right-Handed Pitcher Rob Scahill From the Rockies

The Pittsburgh Pirates have acquired right-handed pitcher Rob Scahill from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for right-handed pitcher Shane Carle. Scahill was designated for assignment by the Rockies last week.

Scahill has pitched 57 innings in the majors, all in relief, over the last three seasons. In that time he has a 4.42 ERA and a 4.56 xFIP, along with a 5.5 K/9 and a 3.3 BB/9. I’m guessing the Pirates like the stuff, with Scahill featuring a fastball that has averaged 94.4 MPH during his limited time in the majors, and a slider that has averaged 88.4 MPH. The fastball has been recorded as high as 97.8 MPH.

Going the other way in the deal is Shane Carle, who was in consideration for one of the final spots in our top 50 prospects list in the early rankings for the 2015 Prospect Guide. Carle is a sinkerball pitcher who profiles as a future middle reliever, but might have a chance at being a back of the rotation starter. He worked as a starter in West Virginia and Bradenton this year, with a 3.60 ERA in 55 innings in his time at Bradenton. He can get his fastball up to 94 MPH, and usually works in the 88-92 MPH range.

Scahill does have one option year remaining, so he doesn’t have to be on the major league roster next year. This move isn’t a big one, and was probably made to focus on the bullpen depth. He might not work out, but he has a much better arm than Carle, and about the same upside.

  • this looks like a no cost move, get a good arm with a touch of major league experience.

  • Neal Huntington needs to step up and prove to this team that he wants to win. Go out there and get a first baseman and pitcher and I am not talking about an ok 4-5 starter go get a good starter and go get LaRoche. Not doing anything and just going off of what you already have is not working, so you need to prove to the team that you are trying to make this team a World Series club.

    • PF

      Disagree somewhat here. I don’t think it is fair to say the front office is “Not doing anything and just going off of what you already have is not working…”

      I was stunned a couple years ago when they went out and nailed down Russ Martin while everyone else was still putting on their pants. The Volquez and Liriano deals were met with skepticism. Panned out okay. Worley? They got him for NOTHING.

      I think the AJ Burnett situation a couple seasons ago COST us a first baseman. I don’t think the BMTIB is going to let that happen again. Furthermore, put me on record as saying Ike and Gaby are gone and Pedro plays every day at first to rebuild his value. Bucs ain’t dumping Pedro while he is at his career lowest value.

      And to say that the front office’s approach “is not working” isn’t borne out by the facts. They’re a consistent contender now. Light years from where they were three years ago.

      I think Martin is gone. I think the Bucs will be better off because there is no way Russ Martin is worth THAT kind of commitment in years and money. I think we’ll wind up with something like Stewart / Sanches, Pedro at first, and have a pile of dough to get some GOOD pitching.

      Otherwise, I think your post was right on the money:)

      “Oh, my stars! Monstars are such IN-teresting people!”

      • PiratesForever
        November 13, 2014 7:30 pm

        I do agree that Martin is not coming back and that AJ cost us a first baseman. However, I do like the front officies approach and I think it is a very valuable approach if everything pans out. What I am saying is that we should probably go get a first baseman that has proven that he can produce consistantly throught the years. I kinda don’t want to see Russ come back because of the cost, I think we would be much better if we got a first basemen and a starting pitcher. The catching situation wouldn’t be a good one but when you look at it, it could be a lot worse. I could take a average year of Cervelli and Stewart, because after a year we will have Diaz and Cervelli if Sanchez doesn’t pan out.

  • Cards had to make an immediate move to counter that big move.

  • kinda reminds me of a smaller version of the Jaff Decker trade last year.

    Trade a less talented guy who doesn’t have to be on the 40 man roster (more flexibility) for a more talented (or in this case… more major league ready) guy who does have to be on the 40 man roster.

    A good way to add talent, if you have the 40 man spots.

    • Having an option is pretty big too. Has to be a pain to deal with waivers every time you are sending a guy like this back to Indy.

    • Obviously they want to have some AAA options for the bullpen if things go as sideways as they did last year. Could we try to sneek him through waivers before the Rule 5? Does this mean he already passed through waivers of 20+ teams and we claimed him? Or doesn’t it mean that if we worked out a trade for him?

    • Actually, I would rather have Alex Dickerson back – although he missed all of 2014 due to injury. He was a solid, not great, prospect who had some hitting ability and played a position of need – first base.

      Picking up Decker made no sense, given his skill set, minor league track record, and the number of OFers we had and still have in AA and AAA. He looks like a career minor leaguer – could not beat out Chris Dickerson for playing time until Dickerson was traded to Cleveland.

      A curious trade at best.