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World Series Projections Show a Tough Path For the Pirates

The MLB playoff field has been set, which means we’ve got our first set of finalized World Series projections. Anything can happen in the playoffs, so the projections should be viewed as a guide for what is expected to happen, rather than a stone cold lock. Of course, that’s how all projections should be viewed. I bring this disclaimer up because the Pittsburgh Pirates are seeing some pretty poor odds to win the World Series. That’s understandable when you try and dig a bit further into what the projections might be predicting. Here is a look at the Baseball Prospectus and FanGraphs odds.

Baseball Prospectus

The Baseball Prospectus odds have been down on the Pirates all season. So it’s a bit surprising that they’re favored slightly higher in the NL than the Cardinals, and ranking third in the league behind the Nationals and Dodgers. Here are the top five in the NL.

1. Washington Nationals – 16.1%

2. Los Angeles Dodgers – 13.1%

3. Pittsburgh Pirates – 5.6%

4. St. Louis Cardinals – 5.3%

5. San Francisco Giants – 4.9%

The Pirates only rank ahead of one team in the AL, and that team is the Kansas City Royals. If they win the Wild Card game, they’d have to go through the Washington Nationals, who are the favorites in the NL, and rank second to the Los Angeles Angels for the World Series favorites.


FanGraphs released an article today, detailing the odds of the Wild Card games, along with two sets of World Series odds. The Pirates are slight favorites in the Wild Card game, with a 52% chance of winning, even with Edinson Volquez as the starter.

Beyond that, the Pirates have the second worst odds of all ten playoff teams, finishing above the Giants with a 4% chance to win the World Series. An alternate model with the season-to-date stats has the Pirates at 5%, finishing ahead of the Giants and the Royals.

The Pirates are probably lower here for similar reasons as above. FanGraphs has the Nationals as favorites to win the World Series in both projections, and the Pirates would have to go through the top ranked team to just get to the NLCS (where they would then have to go through one of the top five ranked teams in the FanGraphs projections).

Overall, the Pirates could certainly upset some teams and make the World Series, but their path to the World Series likely goes through some of the toughest teams in the playoffs. Thus, it makes a lot of sense that the odds are slim.

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If Russell Martin is much less than 100% we’re toast….


Low odds for Bucs (and Giants) reflect wild card game. The wild card came cuts their odds roughly inhalf.


One more note: the cards odd suggest that it’s a little easier (not much) for the Bucs to beat the Giants and the Nats, than beat the Dodgers in a 5 game series facing Kershaw twice on the road. Hurdle used Cole yesterday in hopes of facing the dodgers despite these odds.


Low odds for Cardinals are more noteworthy. They must reflect Kershaw factor in a 5 game series


I’m pretty sure none of us expected this to be different. That’s why they still play the game. Bring it.

The Dude

At this time of the year, the PBC (fans too) should be focusing on BEING Goliath instead of slaying Goliath.


As I recall David won the fight. Let’s be David.


Same oddsmakers who said the pirates had a slim to none chance to make the playoffs in the first place. As far as I’m concerned these oddsmakers are about as trustworthy as a politician and should be viewed at arms length.


Terrible analogy, the odds are just based on projected performance of the roster, and the fact that the Pirates have to navigate a wild card game.


The odds mean nothing after the first pitch is thrown, and then it is on the backs of the guys out between the lines. The oddsmakers probably had it correct about the Pirates until they did a very un-Pirate-like thing like posting a winning streak of 18 wins and only 4 losses after losing the first 3 games in September. This team found character and took the Wild Card away from the Brewers, and the WC Home Game away from the Giants. They may have struggled all year, but found themselves when it mattered the most.


The Pirates are built to deal with good teams, I don’t see any of the teams in the playoffs as better teams than the Pirates and I don’t see the Pirates as a team that is better than any of the other teams, I see a lot of parity and picking a winner is kind of a crapshoot. The Dodgers have one pitcher that the trumps any pitcher the Pirates have, but the Pirates trump the Dodgers in position player talent. The Pirates can match the Nats starters, but IMO, they cannot match the Nats pen. The Giants have Bum, he is their only shot. The Cards have one pitcher that trumps the Pirates, but the Pirates trump the Cards in position player talent, Cards pen is better because of the specialty pitchers in it.

Ron Loreski

Not a fan of these projections, but I love that the Pirates are ahead of the Cardinals!

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