Starling Marte still out of the Lineup

Starling Marte will remain out of the lineup as he continues to deal with discomfort from being hit in an arm by a pitch against the Phillies on Thursday.

“He’s improving to some degree, but not where he’s going to be able to start,” Clint Hurdle said. “The level of competing is still minimal at best.”

Though he’s not extremely hampered by the injury, the discomfort hasn’t subsided enough for him to take at bats or play the field.

“He’s going to continue to work. He went out and swung the bat, tried to do some defensive work, and he’s still limited in a couple different areas,” Hurdle said.

In the meantime, Hurdle mentioned that Marte will be able to pinch run, if need be.

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than why not bring up a right handed hitting outfielder from our stack farm system.

chuck conner

It seems Marte’s threshold of pain is very low. I just see other players getting hit and still playing. But, he is a throughbred and they tend to have to play only at optimum health. I remember Clemente always complaining about aches and pain.

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