Morton to see Specialist, Gallardo’s Success against the Pirates

Morton’s Season Dependent on Doctor’s Visit

Before today’s game, the Pirates announced that Vance Worley will start Sunday in place of Charlie Morton. Morton pitched Tuesday against the Red Sox, throwing five scoreless, four hit innings. Morton ran up his pitch count to 92 on the game, and was taken out early as a result. Some late pain might have factored in, as well.

“Actually felt some discomfort at the end of the game,” Hurdle said.

Morton will see a doctor next week, the press release said, and that will determine the Pirates’ next decision with him.

“It’s really going to be up to the doctor’s visit,” Hurdle said. “Just got to slow down, hit pause, and send him to the specialist and see what happens.”

Pirates Hope to Break Struggles Against Gallardo

Yovani Gallardo has notoriously nominated the Pirates throughout his career, earning a 2.67 ERA and 158 strikeouts (148.1 innings) in 25 appearances (24 starts) against the Pirates. This year, he’s pitched 30.1 innings for a 2.97 ERA against the Pirates.

“His command is always his biggest ally. We’ve seem him evolve over the years. Came in throwing harder, now he’s pitching away, he’s cutting the ball. The changeup’s a big pitch. Fastball command, he can throw it in a teacup at times,” Hurdle said. “Good mound presence, poise, slow heartbeat. He competes well. He’s not going to back away. He’s not going to give into the hitter.”

In his last start versus the Pirates on August 22, though, he ran into a bit of trouble, lasting only five innings, walking three, and allowing six runs, three of which were earned. Gallardo threw 99 pitches in the start. The start before that against the Pirates he pitched seven scoreless, though the Pirates worked his pitch count to 121.

“I think we’ve had many games where we’ve been able to stretch him and get him to jack up pitch counts,” Hurdle said.

The key today, again, will be staying patient at the plate.

“The fastball, curveball, slider, they’re in play, it’s going to play away from the left handers,” Hurdle said. “We got to get him up. We’ve got to make him throw strikes, not chase.”

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I’ve praised morton,I’ve cussed morton, at the end of the day I wish him good health and a happy life.


Morton to see specialist? That has the same positive ring to it as…well, I don’t know…Morton to see specialist. A 2015 rotation of Cole, Morton, Locke, Worley and X seems a lot stronger than Cole, Locke, Worley, X and X.

Lukas Sutton

Heh, Gallardo surely does have our number. Unfortunately, that didnt make up for how badly we dominate Jonathan Broxton. Re-sign Russ!


It is likely that the Brewers will not pick up the team option in the off-season. The emergence of Fiers and Nelson have made Gallardo expendable. He would look good as a pirate but his price might be too high.

Scott Kliesen

Pirates win tonight and what little wind remaining in the Brewers sail will be gone. Have to figure they are looking for any reason to lose hope right about now.

As for Ground Chuck, this report sounds like he’s done for the year. Hope Worley is up for a big finish to the year.


SK: Not this version of the Brewers. As badly as they have played lately, with a break or two, they could very well have swept that series in St Louis. And, they are doing it without a big year from Ryan Braun. These guys have an attitude that will not allow them to surrender – we will have to beat them, and we certainly have the opportunity.

Scott Kliesen

I don’t expect them to lie down and die like dogs, but if they lose tonight, they will be 5 games back in loss column with 8 games remaining to a team that has won 12 of 14. Winning lottery would be more probable than overtaking them at that point.


SK: The Brew Crew did give it a fantastic effort, but the Pirates did take the game! We were right on both sides. Amazingly enough, the Pirates are only a game behind the Giants for the first WC and a home game in the playoffs. Bob Friend is the Pirate patron saint of starting pitchers getting little or no support, but Jeff Locke is working at being the modern day equivalent – his last two starts are around 13 innings without a run scored on his behalf?

Jeff Rhodes

One way or another — either by patiently running up his pitch count or pummeling the snot out of him early — we gotta get into their bullpen. After playing in a 13-inning game last night and a 12-inning affair on Tuesday, they have to be gassed. If we let Gallardo hang around for eight or nine innings while everyone else gets the night off, it lets them off the hook for the whole series.

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