Andrew McCutchen hit twice in loss against Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers won today 1-0 by a 9th inning sacrifice fly from Logan Schafer, and Edinson Volquez pitched seven scoreless, but both storylines were out shined by Andrew McCutchen getting hit by pitches twice from Matt Garza. The first came in the 3rd inning and the 2nd came in the 5th, resulting in Garza being tossed from the game.

Clint Hurdle wasn’t sure of the intent, though he found it an anomaly for Garza to be pitching inside.

“Really, there hadn’t been a lot of other times moving people back,” Hurdle said.

McCutchen echoed those thoughts, though he believed the intent likely wasn’t to hit him.

“The intent was to get the fastball off the plate in,” McCutchen said. “As far as hitting me I’m not too sure, but they know better to throw me a fastball in the plate in. So if they’re going to throw it in there, they’re going to throw it off the plate. My assumption is that’s what he was trying to do both times.”

Garza was visually upset after hitting McCutchen both times, though McCutchen believes he was happier with that result than leaving the ball over the plate.

“I’m sure he’s thinking better that he hit me than me hit him, hit a home run or a double or something.”

Regardless of if it was intentional of not, Hurdle believes the right decision was made to toss Garza from the game.

“If he doesn’t get tossed then I do,” Hurdle said.

Immediately after the first incident, Volquez offered up his own inside pitch, pushing Ryan Braun off the plate. That drew a warning from the home plate umpire, which resulted in Garza eventually getting tossed. Volquez was clear in expressing what the clubhouse’s emotions were.

“We get pissed off. We don’t want our best guy getting hit like that.”

Outside of the McCutchen incidents, Volquez pitched excellently again, striking out six, walking three, and surrendering three hits in seven scoreless. The outing dropped his ERA to 3.15.

“He’s able to pitch with some emotion. His stuff is really good. First pitch strikes were good,” Hurdle said.

Volquez got in a few jams, though he was able to get out of them seamlessly. When asked how he pulls the balancing act off, Volquez had a simple answer.

“That’s me,” Volquez said. “I’m an old guy now. I know how to control it in those situations and make good pitches.”

The teams will face off tomorrow in the rubber match at 1:35, with Vance Worley taking the mound against Willy Peralta. After the game, McCutchen had a wrap around his forearm, though he gave indications that he’d play tomorrow.

“[The forearm] will be as good as it’s gonna be,” McCutchen said.


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Why don’t the Pirates just kick the Brewers ass on the scoreboard and call it a day. We really don’t need to lose players to suspensions at this crucial junction of the season. The Braves and Reds have basically laid down for everyone else but they won’t for us.


I agree these other teams are not going to lay down for the Pirates from the ST.Louis series on, they have stacked there best pitchers against the Pirates.


We can have 40 men on our roster. Why not have a goon on our bench that will run out and sock any pitcher that hits McCutchen? It seems like a rediculous concept but actually makes sense.

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