Pirates To Sign Pitcher Colter Moore

The Pittsburgh Pirates have agreed to sign right-handed pitcher Colter Moore as a non-drafted free agent according to an assistant coach at Utah State University-Eastern. He was a sophomore this year at the junior college and a 2010 graduate of Emery City HS in Utah. He has never been drafted. Coming into this season, Moore was rated the 12th best junior college player in Utah by Perfect Game. He played in 2011 at USU-Eastern, then took two years off, before returning this season.

The 22-year-old Moore is a huge presence on the mound at 6’8″, though he is listed at just 200 pounds. He pitched in both relief and as a starter this season, posting a 2.02 ERA over 49 innings, which was well below the team ERA of 4.78 and opponents ERA of 5.07 this season. He had 50 strikeouts, issued 19 walks and gave up just 36 hits.

He throws a fastball, slider and occasionally mixes in a circle change. Moore didn’t start pitching until his senior year at high school, so he has just three years of pitching under his belt, with two years off in between. His fastball touches 90 MPH now, but with that frame and a little added muscle/weight, he could see improvements on that velocity.

Moore hasn’t been assigned to a team yet. He is on his way to Bradenton today to sign his contract.

  • Hey, I know how to do this….Awesome Signing. The Bucs are awesome. Cy Young pitcher, in the making. Go Bucs.

  • So he was in the current 2014 draft and didn’t get selected allowing him sign with any team is what I gather? Also do you think the Pirates are valuing him at a Starter or Relief Pitcher?

    • Being in Jr College, he was eligible to be drafted in 2010(HS), 2011(Freshman) and this year as well. Any team could have signed him since he wasn’t taken, or he could have opted to attend a 4-year school, where he would have been in the 2015 draft. He will probably pitch in relief at first. Sounds like he is a raw pitcher, which means his initial outings will be limited and chances are he won’t see much time this year since there is less than a month left in the season.

  • I dare someone to beat the Pirates minor leaguers at beach volleyball.

  • I am stereotyping here, but I take it the two years off was for his mission work

    • I assumed that as well with him being from Utah, but he did not specify and I didn’t ask further. Just know he didn’t pitch at all during that time.

    • Wasnt a mission!

  • @BuccoSharkTank
    August 4, 2014 4:07 pm

    Any info on FB velocity, complete repertoire?