Pedro Alvarez Reinstated, Ernesto Frieri Designated For Assignment

The Pittsburgh Pirates have reinstated third baseman Pedro Alvarez from the Bereavement List and relief pitcher Ernesto Frieri has been designated for assignment.

Frieri was acquired by the Pirates in exchange for Jason Grilli on June 27th. He made 14 appearances for Pittsburgh, posting a 10.13 ERA in 10.2 innings.

Alvarez has been on the Bereavement List since August 5th. He returned to Pittsburgh today and was taking grounders at first base prior to the game according to Rob Biertempfel.

  • Captain Obvious finally pulls into port and waves bye bye to Frieri. I’m guessing NO team takes a shot at him, so maybe he’ll be on his way to AAA if he wants to stay. I’d much rather they also do some housecleaning and ship out Martinez. That guy has never hit in the majors. What he is doing on the Pirates is a mystery, ship him out, please.

    • You don’t start throwing away position players when your two most productive bats are currently injured. Martinez is doing no worse than Clint Barmes would be right now

  • Frieri DFA’d – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Addition by subtraction. Now, do the same with Pimentel, who is another pitcher who cannot be trusted to pitch in anything but mop up duty. Mazzaro would be a huge improvement and would give some of the other guys a breather.

    • TheSharkTankisNasty
      August 8, 2014 10:57 pm

      DFA’ing Pimentel would be a bad move, in my opinion. He has a lot of potential and is still young. He is out of options so he can’t be sent down.

      • So, we handcuff the manager in a playoff race, with a pitcher he cannot use?
        Just because he is young and is out of options?

        • Zoltan McBurgher
          August 8, 2014 11:58 pm

          September call ups will be arriving soon.

          • According to my calendar, that is three weeks away – a lot can happen in 3 weeks.

        • Hurdle likes being handcuffed. Barajas, Barmes & Grilli just a few examples of “Hurdles Guys” he kept running out there no matter how horrible they where

          • Speaking of being handcuffed – you cannot put a lineup out there that includes Sanchez (or Davis), plus Martinez and Nix. Yes, Nix got two singles – so the three were a combined 2-9?? Why wasn’t Alvarez at 3rd tonight?

  • Did we ever find out the nature of Alvarez’s bereavement?

  • pilbobuggins
    August 8, 2014 6:30 pm

    Good job dfaing frieri, pedro still has some trade value(not much,but some)so keeping him around as a bench bat is not a bad idea until they can offload him this winter.

  • Well done, Neal. It’s not easy to admit you were wrong, and he’s done it twice this year – by outrighting Tabata in the middle of the extension Neal signed him to, and now DFAing Frieri, a guy he’s apparently been coveting for years.

    Writing was on the wall when Frieri didn’t pitch in any of the 3 blowouts vs. Florida.

    • Poor job letting an established reliever like Grilli go for nothing though. Especially since Grilli has re-emerged as an effective pitcher in Anaheim, while we got nothing from Frieri.

      • Yeah in retrospect it sure doesn’t look good. Not only was Frieri found out to be an absolute liability, but the domino effect put Wilson into higher leverage roles, where he really hasn’t done well consistently. It’s difficult to imagine Grilli wouldn’t have at least held his own as the 4th guy out of the pen, and that’s before you even look at what he’s doing in Anaheim.

        • Difficult to imagine. Really you must have short time memory loss. Since all-star last year until trade he made Justin Wilson look like Sandy Kofax

          • I remember the 21-appearance stretch from September 16 through June 11 when he managed an ERA just north of 2 and a WHIP under 1.2. And that includes the back to back blown saves where he gave up the Braun HRs. Yes, he had a brutal 2-week stretch after that; he also had one in early September and followed that up with 9 straight scoreless appearances to close out the season.

            I think we’d all be thrilled if Wilson could roll off a stretch like that.

            • Cherry picking stats is easy, but facts are facts from June 19, 2013 until trade
              IP 43
              ER 23
              ERA 4.81
              Sitting on the edge of my seat or turning off my TV = Brutal

          • Regardless, some team should have been willing to give up more than Frieri for Grilli. If we had gotten a couple of grade B prospects I would be thrilled. Instead we got zip.

        • I imagine that when they looked at Frieri, Searage would’ve had some input as to what Frieri’s issues were and the confidence level that Ray could help make him productive vs. what they could get out of Grilli. So they rolled the dice. And they lost – which, regarding pitching acquisitions, they haven’t done too much of lately. Can’t win ’em all.

      • You can’t win every trade, and you can’t fault him for trying. That said, I wanted them to keep Grilli. There were signs that he could be finding himself before we traded him

  • I do hope if some team picks him up, they have him pitch vs Arizona.