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Charlie Morton Has a Sports Hernia

Charlie Morton recently went on the 15-day disabled list with what was believed to be hip inflammation. However, according to Tom Singer and others, Morton was diagnosed with a sports hernia.

The updated diagnosis means that Morton could require surgery in the off-season to fix the issue. In related injuries, A.J. Burnett has been pitching with a sports hernia all season, so it is possible to pitch through the injury. However, Burnett has struggled, and that could be the cause for those issues. Morton was recently struggling, and the injury could also be related.

Cole Hamels had a similar injury in 2011, and saw his numbers drop in the final month of the season. To put that in perspective, he had a 2.58 ERA through the end of August, and a 3.79 ERA in the month of September.

In all of these cases, we don’t know how big a role the injury played with the performance. In Hamels’ case, he had off-season surgery, and pitched a full season the following year. Morton could return, but his performance would be questionable. He could require surgery in the off-season, and if he does, it probably wouldn’t impact his 2015 season.

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Not trying to make excuses but it could explain how he’s been susceptible to that one bad inning. The more he stresses it, the worse the pain gets, the harder it becomes to concentrate. Explains the poor control later into games, and how he can’t seem to get out of a bad inning. Bad innings require more pitches, more effort, more stress on the hernia. Again, not trying to make excuses or blame it all on the injury, but he looks a lot different from a few months ago when he was pitching strong late into games.


As I said after his last start, those 3 – 0 fastballs bouncing 2 feet in front of the plate were telling us something.


Bummer. Was originally hoping he was just a little tired and getting a couple of weeks off. Instead of Volquez being able to be put into the pen for a power arm in close games or a swing guy for a start or long relief, Morton looks like the pen candidate if he does return now.


Gotta believe the FO going to give Charlie all the love he needs. After all, he signed a team friendly long term deal. On the other hand, Pedro goes straight to exile after I’m sure repeatedly being rebuffed by Boras when he was a silver slugger. What goes around comes around.


Title should read,morton has a sports hernia in his head, with that said I sure hope whatever it is that’s wrong with him gets fixed since he is gonna be here for awhile.

Lukas Sutton

Gotta love fans on the internet calling players head cases without knowledge of the extent of the injury or anything actually happening with the player. Charlie may not be the most clutch player (tough to prove either way) but its pretty sad to say he fakes injuries after performing badly.


I meant the hernia occured in his cranium not that he was faking who knows if he is or is not, and furtermore who made you the pious pri k who gets to decide what someone says or thinks.I can and will continue to be critical or praise this team as I see fit, same as you. If you wish to have a discussion fine. If not then I guess you’ll just have to keep sniping to make yourself feel better. Sorry for ya.


How could you expect to have a conversation after making a post that was incredibly stupid. Sutton is in the right. You are totally off base.


It’s called having a sense of humor and a little irony, something very few of the posters on here have much of either way. Get over yourself and relax a bit. Nothing any of us say on here affects what the front office does or how the pirates play. It’s just a place where we get info and throw ideas against the wall as well as blow off a little steam. It’s called being a fan,it’s what we do. So again I say relax a quit being so darn serious, none of this matters.


I don’t think Charlie has a sports hernia of the cranium. I think it’s more like indigestion of the cranium, which of course leads to brain farts.


I guess a sports hernia explains four great innings with a clunker in the fifth ( or whichever order it works out)you do feel pretty good until it acts up, having had one it makes sense to me. That said it’s still more fun to pick and critisize our favorite team than it is to get mad and overanalize everything. So good one bucsws simple and understated, I like it.


I doubt there is any chance at all that Kingham could get a late season call-up, but it might not be the worst thing ever to give him a shot. Still move Volquez to the BP and try to have him shore up some of the struggles there.


In a weird way this makes me feel better because we’re tied to Chuck for a few more years and if this was contributing to his recent struggles then it won’t be an issue (I don’t think) in 2015. And if the Pirates were to make the playoffs they’d go Cole, Liriano, Volquez……..Locke? as far as the rotation goes. Short term it sucks though.

Lee Young

Locke and Morton are a wash…

However, I’d LIKE to have to worry about Jeff going in game 4.



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