Andrew McCutchen Placed on the DL, Casey Sadler Recalled

The Pittsburgh Pirates have placed Andrew McCutchen on the disabled list, retro 8/4. They have recalled Casey Sadler.

Earlier today I wrote about the whole situation involving McCutchen and Neil Walker being kept off the disabled list. On the surface, the issue is that the Pirates are playing with a 23-man roster, in hopes that they can get McCutchen and/or Walker back a few games early. Digging deeper, the big issue here is that the Pirates were taking an aggressive approach to bringing Walker and McCutchen back, which could have easily resulted in them missing more time. It looks like that might end up being the case with Walker.

If the worst case scenario is that you miss out on a few games from McCutchen by placing him on the disabled list, then I’d say that’s not a bad thing. The worst case scenario with the non-DL approach would have been rushing McCutchen back, and seeing his injury relapse to the point where he’d miss a lot more time than just 15 days.

It’s good that the Pirates made this move, although it’s a move that should have been made a lot sooner. You’d hope that McCutchen is ready to come back when he’s eligible, which would be August 19th.

As for the addition of Sadler, that takes the Pirates to the point where they have a normal bullpen, rather than playing a man short, which is a situation they were in after designating Ernesto Frieri for assignment over the weekend. They’re still a man short on the bench, due to Walker being injured and on the active roster.

  • Sadler looked just as hittable last night as he did the first time he was up. He’s not fooling anyone.

    Any info on why Cumpton was pulled from his last start and put in relief on Sunday if he wasn’t the one being called up?

  • I don’t understand why Vin Mazzaro gets no respect.

    • Completely agree, Mazzaro and Glasnow are the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the organization. Glasnow will probably see time in Jamestown before he makes it to Altoona.

  • Done this mean that Andrew could be off more than the 15 days?

    • That is obviously a possibility. What it definitely means is there was little chance he would be available within the next 3 days. You can only make a DL stint retroactive 10 days, and today is Day 7.

  • Bring Hanson up to play second. If he gets out of line Hurdle chews enough bubble gum to stick the kid to the dugout wall.

  • They’re two men short on the bench because they have Michael Martinez.

    I’m getting angry now.

    • At least Martinez has a glove. They were previously a man short in the bullpen because they had Frieri. They got better simply by DFA’ing him.

      • I’d probably rather see Frieri bat than Martinez.

        • I would definitely rather see Martinez pitch than Frieri. Just look at that sparkling 0.00 ERA in 1.2 innings in A ball.