Prospect Highlights: Some Productive Plate Appearances From Tito Polo

The other day we posted an article about Tito Polo that was very popular, highlighting the 19-year-old, five-tool outfielder, who is looking like the best player on the GCL Pirates right now. In that article, I mentioned that we would have better videos of him soon, which was a bit presumptuous on my part, because that meant he needed to have a good game at home on a day someone was there shooting video. Well, it didn’t take long for Polo to keep up his end of the bargain.

In Tuesday’s GCL Pirates game, Polo had a single, double, sacrifice fly and a walk. We got video of three of those four plate appearances courtesy of the GCL Pirates fan page, plus an added video below from Tuesday. Polo is hitting .339/.425/.548 through 18 games this year, with three stolen bases and three outfield assists. He is sixth in the GCL in batting, seventh in slugging and fourth in OPS, leading Pirates players in all three categories.

Polo is someone I mentioned often during the Winter League season, as he played in the Colombian Winter League. He was seeing decent playing time, mostly against players with much more experience, including a handful of Major League players. He was in the same outfield as Harold Ramirez, who became a top ten prospect in the Pirates system last year after the season he had in the NYPL. I also got great reports from the DSL last year on Polo, with health concerns the only thing holding him back. Three times last year he missed time with hamstring issues, which he has seemed to overcome between Winter ball and the GCL season. Polo is in tremendous shape and could really blossom into a legit prospect quickly with the skill set he possesses.

Below are three of the quality plate appearances from Tuesday(plus a fourth video), so you can get a better look at Polo, starting with his double in the third inning that scored Cole Tucker.

Sacrifice fly. Pitcher goes heavy with the breaking balls early in this long plate appearance.

The walk.

Fielder’s choice in the 8th inning.


  • CalipariFan506
    July 16, 2014 9:02 pm

    Another young guy that is intriguing to me that we aren’t hearing much about yet is Jordan Luplow the 3rd round pick this season.

    His numbers look great for the NY/Penn league. I know he’s a college junior but he should get a skip to Bradenton in the spring. Does anybody have any reports on him yet?

    • I haven’t heard anything yet, but as you said, he came from a major college and he’s in the NYPL, so you take everything he does there with a grain of salt. They basically leave draft pick there just to get comfortable with the full schedule and playing daily in front of crowds, adjusting to pro life. I really liked Luplow, thought he was a solid third round pick and I had him rated higher than Connor Joe, who he is over a year younger than(13 months and 10 days to be exact). He probably could make the jump to Bradenton, but with the Pirates loaded in the outfield, they could take it slow with him

      • Speaking of which, haven’t heard anything about Joe. Is he playing anywhere??

        • By the way I see Joe as a potential 3B. He’s very athletic and has the right skills for it.

          • John Dreker
            July 17, 2014 2:20 pm

            I’ve never heard him mentioned for third base, it’s been right field, first base or catcher and they plan to use him at catcher in the Instructional League. He is down at Pirates City, some type of injury that sounded minor. He was with Jamestown for a short time, but something happened between him getting there and his first game, so he hasn’t played yet.

  • LOL you are complaining about wind? Come on man. Enjoy the videos! 🙂 Plus I have to straddle 2 tarps with a bad foot and stay out of every coach’s way 🙂 I do my best with my Fisher Price “My first camera” 🙂

  • John…great stuff as usual, but tell Tim to buy you a video recorder with a wind setting on it….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • John Dreker
      July 16, 2014 3:41 pm

      That isn’t me taping, it’s the guy who runs the GCL Pirates fan page. Tim actually had some footage up of his own the other day for Cole Tucker and you can see the high quality video he gets. You can’t complain about free footage though and time spent taking/uploading them

    • The wind can be brutal at Pirate City, especially when there’s a big storm rolling in like we got last night/today.

  • Where could he start next year?

    • And by that I mean Jamestown, WV?

      • Due to his age at the start of next year, I think he could be at WV to begin 2015. He will likely play Winter ball again and the Colombian League is probably the equivalent of High-A ball, so he should be able to handle the jump. That’s assuming he finishes strong and stays healthy of course