Jameson Taillon Completes His First Day of Catch

Jameson Taillon just tweeted that he had his first day of catch today, throwing from 45 feet.

The normal progression for Tommy John surgery is to take four months off from throwing for rest and rehab purposes. We’re now about four months beyond when Taillon had his surgery. The timeline for his eventual return is expected to be the same, with a return to full pitching possible by Spring Training next year.

Taillon went down with an elbow injury during Spring Training this year, and had Tommy John surgery during the first week of April.

  • Just heal up JT!

  • Tim, any word on Clay Holmes, i imagine he’s slightly ahead of JT.

  • I hope this news isn’t too well known, the Red Sox may want him too

  • Man, we are so lucky with the timeline on his injury. He misses one entire season, and ready to go for Spring Training next year. He could still potentially make the move to the majors by late next summer, depending on how he fares the first few months next season.

    If he had suffered the injury mid-season this year, then he would miss all the rest of this season, rehab until next summer, and then have to spend more time in the minors working his pitching back into shape. You probably wouldn’t see him in the majors until 2016 sometime.

    • Yep, seems like it is best to get it over with, rather than try rehab like Tanaka is doing.

  • What’s he expected to do in the fall?