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Cardinals Trade Allen Craig and Joe Kelly For John Lackey

The St. Louis Cardinals are adding their second starting pitcher in as many days. Jon Heyman reports that they have acquired John Lackey from the Boston Red Sox.

The Cardinals added Justin Masterson yesterday. The difference with this move is that Lackey is under control through the 2015 season, while Masterson is only with them in 2014. Nothing yet on who they gave up.

UPDATE 12:38 PM: Heyman says that the Red Sox are getting a major league ready outfielder and a pitcher back.

UPDATE 12:47 PM: Peter Gammons says the Red Sox will get Allen Craig and Joe Kelly.

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Billy Beane is out of his mind right now. Milone for Fuld is an easy win for the Twins, but Beane gets what he needed which was a solid OF guy. He’s certainly not afraid to pull the trigger.
I read some comments about NH focusing on prospects too much as the only/primary means of filling roster positions, but Beane goes after what he envisions is a key target and backfills with additional moves (read: Gomes/Fuld).
I have no idea if his approach is right or not but he is certainly _ en fuego!!! I’m not even an A’s fan but I’ll be watching to see if his moves end up delivering or not (See Tim’s article Prospects/Reality).

S Brooks

Those commenters must not have heard the rumor that Pedro was one of the pieces NH offered for Lester. Marte was also floated.

S Brooks

Maybe the only depressing aspect of this for the Bucs is, there goes the best chance for NHL to get something of value back for Tabata.


“there goes the best chance for NHL to get something of value back for Tabata.”

At most you’d get a guy for the 4th line, maybe a 3rd string goalie.

S Brooks

My auto-correct is on steroids. Edit made.


Seems the consensus opinion of talking heads is that Detroit is where Andrew Miller will be pitching by tonight.


Lackey is a solid guy (though, in the long run, Kelly could be Lackey or at least Lackey Light), but if the Pirates are playing the Cards in a Wild Card game, I’m glad they don’t have to face Lester.


I’d rather face Lester than Wainwright ….


Lester beat Waino twice head-to-head.

Andy Prough

As long as it isn’t 2013-Wacha, I like our chances…

S Brooks

Looking just at 2014, it would only make sense for the Pirates to trade for a real front-line starter like Lester or Price; Lackey would add very little to this year’s playoff push, but would have significant value for 2015. NH must be thinking there are other ways to skin that cat. The Cards needed Lackey a lot more than the Bucs do.

This team DOES need 1-2 bullpen arms, a right-handed hitting corner infielder/bench bat and most importantly health. If they can get Cole and Marte back in the fold quickly, and Snider and Davis continue producing, they’re reasonably positioned for the NL Central/Wildcard.

Joe Sweetnich

That’s quite a haul for Lackey. Cardinals must be planning to play Taveras for the rest of the year.


So, Bucs won’t have to face either Lester or Lackey during Sept series w BoSox. Bucs will face Lackey & Masterson instead of Wacha and Joe Kelly when facing Cards (nor Craig at bat). When viewed from that lens, this could be one win, maybe even two for the Bucs. And we didn’t lift a finger.

Andy Prough

Crazy that the Cards would give up on Kelly and Craig so quickly, after both were big contributors last year and neither would have hit free agency until 2018 or 2019. Kelly has had three poor starts since coming back from injury at the beginning of July, but his other four starts this year were all solid. Hard to believe Kelly isn’t going to put up better numbers than Lackey over time.


welp, i’m kind of relieved that they got masterson and lackey instead of Price. if Wacha is damaged a while, they still aren’t thaaaat good.


I’m not afraid of the pickups by St.Louis here, and in fact I thought Kelly killed the Bucs, at least he did at the game I was at. Moving Craig this soon after his big year was a smart move by them though, another year and he would lose all value – and Tavares and Adams are going to get all the PT anyway. Good move for them but I agree I’m a little relieved it wasn’t Lester/Price.

Speaking of which what will NH do??? Not a huge fan of Bonafacio but don’t hate it… I’d rather have Barmes back on the bench myself. But if we’re talking about Asdrubal Cabrera… I can see him being a great bench piece part time player.

Steve Williams

Yes, Cabrera would be a decent bench piece – more than that if he ever regained his pre-2013 form when he was a 3-4 WAR player – but I wouldn’t give up much since he is a free agent at the end of the year.


Cabrera does little to excite me. He’d never be a bench piece for the money he’d command. Right now, if Bucs aren’t getting a total stud at SS, best to stay with Mercer. Bonifacio would be a good add though. And if the Bucs do move Pedro, adding a Bonifacio to take Harrison’s role (assuming Josh would move to 3b) would be an excellent play for the short term.

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