Austin Meadows Has His Rehab Transferred to Bristol

Austin Meadows has played in two rehab games, playing five innings in each game in the GCL. He has since had his rehab transferred to Bristol, making the trip today. The next stage of his rehab work will be two games at seven innings each, which is usually followed by one or two full nine inning games. Meadows will be going to West Virginia when his rehab is up, and should be at the level by the middle of next week if all goes well.

The outfielder wasn’t challenged at all in the GCL, going 4-for-4 with two doubles, a triple, and two walks. We knew he could hit in the GCL, as he had a .918 OPS last season at the level. Bristol might not be much of a challenge either, as it’s lower than the NYPL, and he went 9-for-17 with two homers with Jamestown last year, not to mention his success in the playoffs. Right now the focus with Meadows isn’t on challenging him at the plate, but getting him back to playing full games. Next week we should see his first real challenge, when he gets to West Virginia.