Pirates Release Four Minor League Players, Including Two 2013 Draft Picks

According to Baseball America, the Pittsburgh Pirates have released five minor league players. Pitcher Brandon Mann was mentioned here last week, while the other four players are new.

Pitcher Cameron Griffin, 23rd round draft pick from 2013. He spent last season in the GCL and was in Extended Spring Training this year. He’s a 22-year-old lefty, who posted a 1.90 ERA in 18 relief appearances last year.

Beau Wallace, 21 year-old third baseman, who was a 12th round draft pick last year. He had a rough time at Jamestown last year and was demoted mid-season to the GCL, where he didn’t do much better. He had a .417 OPS in 37 games.

Catchers Mitch Slauter and Mike Spano were also released. Neither played a game in the Pirates system. Both were signed as non-drafted free agents over the off-season.

  • Wonder what Griffin did to get released, certainly does not look like the numbers did him in?

    • I was wondering that too. Perhaps control issues? or only one good pitch?
      Also wonder a bit about Beau Wallace but at 21 and i’m assuming out of college, it doesn’t bode well when you get get demoted and still don’t hit.

      I’m starting to worry a bit about our scouting, especially after this year’s draft. But we’ll see can’t judge until several years down the road.

      • John Dreker
        June 9, 2014 3:05 pm

        Probably just a numbers game. New pitchers coming in from this draft class plus all the players up from the DSL. His numbers are a bit deceiving because he was a college lefty in the GCL. Left-handed pitchers usually have an easier time in the low minors, especially if they have good control. At 22, there is very little upside left, so if he wasn’t in WV by now and healthy, then that looked bad for his future. Also as a reliever, you can air it out more and bullpen arms(from the start) rarely go far in the pros unless they’re high draft picks. They’re usually just roster fillers you get a look at and see if you can get more out of them. Most relievers at high levels are failed/moved starters, Watson, Hughes, Wilson, Pimentel, Gomez, Sadler, Mazzaro, Grilli all starters.

        • Brandon Mann vs, Tyler Sample ? Sorry,even as organizational filler, no comparison.

          • Sometimes there are off-field reasons for these decisions. Not saying that was the case with anybody in particular, but it’s not always a case of just looking at the stats.

            • WTM : after watching both of these guys pitch more than a couple of times,I sure hope it is a matter of anything but ability,or else I am questioning someone’s judgement !