Gerrit Cole Placed on the DL, Jeff Locke Recalled

  • Fwiw, Worley not only won his start today but went 3-3 with a HR. Didn’t realize he could hit too.

    • I really liked the Worley addition at the time we were able to pick him up…and I very much like where he is at now.

  • We need to make a deal for a starter ASAP

    • I am sure the Pirates are out looking at possibilities, the situation dictates that they are going deep into their depth right now and they need to look around, I don’t think they are looking for high end pitching talent right now, possibly a higher end talent at the trade deadline is possible. Cole is not a serious problem according to all reports.

    • So do about 25 other teams. Can’t just get one at the local CostCo, unfortunately.

    • I wonder if they will stretch Pimentel out in his rehab so he can start?

  • Hopefully he’s not out too long. Still a very odd and unfortunate decision that they are going with Locke over Morton in a very important game against the Brewers.

    • doesn’t make much sense. You would think they would want their best available starter to pitch in the rubber game against the 1st place team we are chasing. especially with the Cubs up next. Sometimes I wonder if they even think about these things

      • 2 hits and no runs through 4 innings – Locke didn’t forget how to pitch. As I’ve said before, too much reaching for the panic button on this site. Let things play themselves out. This team is back in contention, playing well.

        • Tough that they had this game stolen from them really. From the first inning on the umpires were terrible, all around the diamond, and ultimately, I think, had as big of a hand in the outcome of the game as did the players themselves. Sad ending to a great game.

          • I usually rag on fans who blame umps/refs except in situations like Meals call. But yeah, between a floating strike zone, questionable angle on Walkers slide, and positioning of Lucroy, umps had a big hand in awarding Brewers this win.

            But it’s also tough to win scoring 0 runs.

            Locke did well. I wasnt expecting that level of efficiency.

            • And I don’t normally get on umpires that much because, having played myself, I realize that players control the games more than the umpires and fans are too quick to blame the guys in blue (or black now I guess). However, today’s umpiring was awful. The strike zone was everywhere except where it was supposed to be. And there were too many not only controversial calls, but calls that were simply incorrect. Even if we give the home plate umpire the call on the Walker slide in the 1st, the placement of Lucroy at 2B was ridiculous and completely without reason.