Prospect Highlights: Home Runs From Stetson Allie and Gift Ngoepe

It was a slow day on for highlights of prospects in the Pittsburgh Pirates system, so we go back a few days to the home runs from Tuesday by Stetson Allie and Gift Ngoepe. WJAC uploaded a highlight video on YouTube and as you can see, Ngoepe showed some impressive pop from a little man at the top of the order. It was his third home run of the season, while Allie hit his seventh, which leads all Pirates minor league players.

The only prospect video from yesterday isn’t much, but who doesn’t want their daily dose of Gregory Polanco? Here he steals second base without a throw, his ninth stolen base of the season. Give him about three more weeks before he brings his highlight show to Pittsburgh.

  • “I’ve got an advertisement for you.” Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

  • I just hope when GP comes up that Hurdle just inserts him in the line up and let him play. But I seriously doubt that will happen. He constantly throws out the phrase “these men” but when a young player comes up he treats them like a little kid. He wasted any chance Lambo had to get a true taste of the majors last year when he buried him on the bench last year when he came up. He had so many opportunities to use him and didn’t. I get a lot of flak about it, but I think it is pretty evident he is not a genius when it comes to strategy.
    He is good with the veteran players but I think he is over protective of young players. Sometimes I wonder if he tries to draw parallels to his sudden fame as a young ball player and remembers the pressures that came with it. I hope he remembers and he should that American players style is a little different than the Latin players. Latin players are looser and more flamboyant in their culture than we are and I think it reflects in the passion they have when they play. While some guys like Puig and Gomez are a little over the top for the most part the Latin players are fun to watch. I was fortunate enough to see Roberto Clemente play many times and he was so passionate about the game and had many more hurdles (no pun intended) to beat than these guys do today.