Pirates Make Phil Irwin Roster Move Official

  • Well, you know realistically Pie only had about a 3.1415 chance of making the club anyway.

  • Monsoon Harvard
    May 8, 2014 2:58 pm

    I guess Dickerson makes the most sense, but he sure isn’t going to make or break the Pirates. We know is history, he can be decent bat & glove off the bench. Maybe a little better than Felix Pie was last year.
    Dickerson is at least more talented than Pie.

    Why not throw all caution to the wind and bring up a guy like Mel Rojas Jr. at least until Lambo is off the dl. Sometimes you give a kid a break and he’ll reward you. It would light a fire in him to want to get back to the show once he is sent back down, and could do wonders for him down the road.