Jaff Decker to Be Promoted to Pittsburgh

Jaff Decker will be promoted to Pittsburgh tomorrow, according to his agent, Tom O’Connell.

Decker was pulled from tonight’s game in Indianapolis early. Starling Marte also left tonight’s game early with a tight lower back. Andrew McCutchen missed tonight’s game with a sore left foot. McCutchen could play tomorrow, and Marte could as well, but the Pirates will need an extra outfielder to avoid tonight’s situation where Gaby Sanchez was playing right field.

Brent Morel will most likely be the guy who goes down. Decker has struggled this season, but has been hot lately. The better choice would probably be Chris Dickerson, but this is a short-term recall, and Dickerson would have to be designated for assignment in about a week if he was called up. Then of course there’s Gregory Polanco, who would be up if the Pirates weren’t holding him back for Super 2 purposes.

  • pilbobuggins
    May 11, 2014 4:00 pm

    This move should have been made Friday,instead of morel,then we would not have seen gabby in right. The move did no harm thankfully. I’ve looked sideways at a few of the moves or non moves the pirates have made,they however seem to walk to the beat of their own drum,right or wrong ? We shall see.

  • This would be perfect to time to promote Polanco. I don’t understand the idea that once he comes up to the majors he has to stay. Bring him up and let him play and send him down when Wandy is activated. Or if he is hot keep him up a little longer. Still don’t understand reason why Morel was brought up first. Didn’t seem to need an infielder.

  • Dom DiDominic
    May 11, 2014 10:22 am

    Since Snider is back today, I would not be surprised if someone was headed to the DL.

  • CalipariFan506
    May 11, 2014 9:26 am

    Jaff Decker is a backyard player according to Clint Hurdle. What a great compliment haha.

  • I imagine old-time Yinzers will appreciate Decker is still rocking a 70s mullet.

    Otherwise, these moves are starting to feel like Neal is just rubbing it in vis a vis not promoting Polanco.

  • LOL. Someone will have to explain the Morel thing to me some day. Made absolutely no sense at all.

  • Decker over Polanco is pathetic. Call him up!! No matter what all you NH and front office butt kissers say, not calling up Polanco with Marte and Cutch hurt is DUMB and shows this organization only cares about money NOT winning.

    • If Cutch or Marte is DLd you will see Polanco.

    • Keeping costs under control allows for winning in a few years as well, right?

      • No way is that the point of keeping polanco down? Gee

      • This is the point that so many people don’t realize. In a few years, they are gonna have the same internal salary cap whether they’re paying Polanco 10 million or 7 million. Keeping his salary low might allow them to fill another hole with a player who is $3 million better.

    • Decker over Polanco isn’t really that pathetic either. Decker is a pretty good prospect. He would probably crack some teams’ top 10s. Of course I would be excited if Polanco was called up. But waiting till june is one of the few rules that actually benefit the smaller market teams. Shouldn’t they just take advantage of it?

      If you could eat a steak dinner tonight for $30 or wait until tomorrow and get it for $20 and eat Subway tonight instead, wouldn’t you just wait until tomorrow? Those saving mean that you’ll be able to get another steak dinner again down the road sooner!

      • Jaff Decker migjt be a top 10 prospect in a bad farm system, he brings nothing to the table other than a decent OBP.

    • Less money on Polanco = more money for other players.

      • You actually think they’ll spend money saved on Polanco elsewhere? Hahahahah

        • Lukas Sutton
          May 11, 2014 1:06 pm

          Its true, we never spend money on outside players. Hey, when is Russell 8.5 million Martin back from the DL?

          • That’s one time.

            • Lukas Sutton
              May 11, 2014 11:58 pm

              Took on the salary of Wandy Rodriguez. Gave large money contracts to Cutch and Marte. In no way has this team been consistently cheap. At times, yes.

    • meatygettingsaucy
      May 11, 2014 12:58 pm

      all thee take note for this is what a troll looks like

      • If being a lifelong season ticket holder who is pissed off that the front office did nothing to improve the team after making the playoffs for the first time in 20 years and that they refuse to field the best 25 man roster available makes me a troll, then yes indeed I am one.

    • You are 100% right, for the Pirates not to field the best team
      possible is criminal. All I keep hearing is the apologists stating that
      they will need this money to spend in the future, but this team has not
      won a championship in 35 years! How many more years are they going to
      wait? Who knows how many other players will be gone by the time they
      get that extra year out of Polanco? Their window of opportunity is only
      going to last a few years as some of their best players may be going
      elsewhere.They are solid at most of the positions in the field and they
      have a huge upgrade in right field in their hands. And don’t think that
      their cheapness now will not be remembered in the future by Polanco.
      If there plan is to only keep their best players for a few years then
      what’s the point in trying to improve, every time you fill one hole
      another one is going to open up. In addition they should have spent to
      the money to make a play on Abreu which would have solved their needs at
      first base.

      Their are no awards for being
      perpetually competitive. If the owners can not at least field a team
      with an average payroll then they should not own the team.

      Can someone tell me the last time a team won a world series with a payroll in the bottom third of the league?

      • If every decision you make is done with a win now mode, you WILL just have a small window. I’m not saying that flushing the extra 10 million down the toilet for an extra month of Polanco will break the team. Just that this team doesn’t HAVE to only be in a small window. They are in a good position to be good for the next decade.

        • And Polanco shouldn’t be offended by any “cheapness”. These super 2 rules were collectively bargained. By the owners AND players.

        • Good for the next decade? They have been winning for 1 year in a row. You cannot count on players that do not have a long history of excellence to consistently produce year after year for the next decade. And what is going to happen when the players (McCutchen, Alvarez, Walker, Martin) that do consistently perform well are up for contract renewal?

          I would be happier with a world series title every decade or so and suffer through mediocrity/losing the rest of the time, then competing and having nothing to show for it.

          I have a hard time believing that signing a quality first basemen and bringing up Polanco would have broken the bank. If it does then this management has no business owning this team and they have no chance in the future.

          • Mike Napoli would have been pretty neat but he loved the Sox. Loney would have been okay but resigned with tampa. What’s wrong with Ike Davis? He has been pretty decent so far. And yeah I stand by my next decade statement. They have most of the current core for a while and a top ranked farm system. They are set up as well as almost any other franchise for the next 10 years.

            I would imagine that they will only let walker go if Hanson looks good and will replace Pedro with a decent major leaguer a la Russ Martin (spending market value on a position of desperation and no minor league options.)

            • The Pirates made no legitimate attempt to get Loney/Abreu, either one of them would have been a huge improvement. Davis has had one good year, I hope he is the answer but he is not someone I would count on. You have to admit Davis is a question mark based upon his history. Where does Davis rank amongst the other NL 1st baseman? They could have re-signed Byrd but chose not to and now we are suffering at a position that should be providing production.

              They could have been much more competitive by addressing just a few positions and instead they did what they always do…sign/keep a number of players with lots of question marks.

              They cannot win championships with decent/average players…they need to have good/exceptional players. I know that they have many good looking prospects in the minors but whats the point if they leave after a few years? That is why I think you have to pick your spots and spend some money or do what you have to do to fill a few holes when the opportunity arises.