Andrew Lambo Placed on the Indianapolis Disabled List

Andrew Lambo has been placed on the Indianapolis disabled list, per an Indianapolis press release. Lambo has missed the last two games with a bruised thumb. His placement on the DL, which is seven days long in the minors, was back dated to May 5th.

Lambo would have been a good option for a call up while the Pirates have an extra roster spot. Obviously he can’t be called up now. Even if he could, the Pirates are going with an extra reliever in the short-term. It will be interesting to see if he gets a shot at the majors when he returns. If he returns after seven days, then the Pirates could call him up for that extra roster spot, and could keep him in that spot for about two weeks before they need a fifth starter again.

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Anyone have any idea when Lambo is supposed to come off the DL for Indy?

Frank Micko

We rightfully sat a 3 million dollars 1st baseman last year and we can do it again this year if it means winning more games.


Anyone else get the idea that Andrew Lambo is just going to be another “Ron Wright?” All this potential, but just bad luck, untimely injuries, slumps when he needs to show he can produce will just lead to him being a “never was.” That’s my impression anyway


I saw Ron Wright play Pike, and injuries or not, he wasn’t a great prospect to begin with.

Bob Ross

he seems like he is cursed. He was just ready to be called up and this happens. Once Polonco is up, unless Davis is traded he will be blocked unless traded.

Bonds Top Hand

So much for all the speculation that Lambo was being held out to be called up to the show. Just don’t see how he fits in the org in the future in any way, shape, or form. Can’t unload Tabatas contract in a trade. Looking to extend Polanco. And no way NH bails on Davis after trading him for a PTBNL. Especially if that player is someone of any substance.


As much as I like Lambo’s potential he seems to continually encounter headwinds against his progress through the minors. Perhaps his greatest value to the Pirates would be in a trade for a MLB ready SS in AAA in another teams organization that is short on outfield talent.



R Edwards

Please no – then we would be boat anchored to Davis at first base!!!

I would be more in favor of trying to package Snider, Davis, and Locke for anything of reasonable value. Although, I cannot imagine any of these guys would get much of a return.


Because lambo is a better option


Stetson Allie might be ready by 2016. I am with you on Davis, I preferred the Pirates to be patient and wait for Lambo to turn it around, which he has. Davis has too much of the Pedro problem: swing and miss power. I think NH lost faith in Lambo as a result of his poor Spring. Too bad!

A problem with the club right now is a large cadre of AAAA players under contract: Tabata, Snider, Davis, Mercer, Barmes, Wandy, Locke, Mazzaro. What sane, competitive MLB team would want them? In order for Polanco, hopefully Lambo, Cumpton etc. to rise the Pirates are going to have to release some players and eat their contracts. They need to do this soon to give players who will be with them in 2015 significant MLB experience this year. I understand waiting on Polanco for financial reasons. But I wouldn’t wait on Lambo, Cumpton at all.


If you think Allie might to be ready in less than two years,you had better get out to see him to get a better evaluation. He has some major contact problems he will have to get ironed out rather quickly I’m afraid.


I see that he is slumping recently, but he started out the year okay. What is getting to him, breaking stuff? Swinging at balls instead of strikes? His stroke looked pretty solid in the Spring.


piraddict : No,he isn’t much of a ” chaser ” outside the zone,but he can’t catch up to a fair to good 4 seamer,and then is susceptible to off speed pitches in the zone. All swing and misses. But don’t take just my eye for it,I am certainly no scout, I just try to pass on what I see.

R Edwards

I agree – Snider, Barmes, Stewart, all need to be released and replaced. Sooner the better.

Tabata and Davis are both contract issues.

Mercer – since we do not have any inhouse Plan Bs for SS in the near term, I’m willing to see if Mercer can turn it around. He was decent last year.

I actually like Mazzaro – he was solid last year and is much better than Gomez or Hughes IMHO.

Locke and Wandy? They both seem to be a long way from being able to be reasonably effective starting pitchers this year.


“Tabata and Davis are both contract issues” falls under the Fallacy of Sunk Costs doesn’t it? Their money is already spent. The Pirates have to pay them whether they contribute or not. But why keep a noncontributor on board when you can replace them with better production at minimal cost (Lambo, Cumpton, Dickerson)? The biggest reason is that NH would have to admit he made mistakes which he, like all of us, will be loath to do.

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