Prospect Links: Polanco the Next Big Thing, McGuire Scouting Report

Here are a few interesting prospect links for your Friday afternoon.

**Albert Chen of Sports Illustrated writes that Gregory Polanco is the next big thing. He mostly talks with people in the organization, who compare Polanco favorably to people like Barry Bonds and Andrew McCutchen. I’ve said many times that I believe Polanco can be better than McCutchen, so I would be one who agrees with this assertion that Polanco is the next big thing.

**Baseball America has a new feature where they send video of a prospect to a scout, then give a shortened version of that scout’s opinion on a player. They looked at Reese McGuire, and the video got some favorable comments. The thing that stood out to me was the breakdown of the throwing. The scout noted that McGuire has incredible efficient footwork. That’s a big thing I noticed last year in the GCL. McGuire has very little wasted movement in his throws down to second. He goes from catching to throwing in one fluid motion. Those are skills that translate to any level, and it’s part of why there will be no questions about McGuire’s defense in the future.

  • People are taking this PTBNL way too seriously. Jacoby Jones is the best player the Pirates are going to give up. End of story.

  • But, will McGuire be a Met soon? I hope not, but….

    • come on, if we give them a ptbnl who sniffs the majors would be to much. I still don’t understand that trade before you give lambo a shot.

    • NH is not stupid or desperate enough to trade McGuire or Meadows for Ike Davis.

      • I completely agree with you and desperately hope that my estimation of NH doesn’t take a sharp turn downward. I don’t need a GM to do everything that I would do to keep my trust, but if he unloads talent like McGuire for Ike I’m gonna get emotional; even if Ike pans out in the end.

    • That would be the most un-Neal Huntington thing of all time. I think it’ll be a reasonably high draft pick, but he’d never think of moving Meadows and McGuire. Probably not Dickson or Jacoby Jones, either

    • Chance of McGuire being the PTBNL is exactly ZERO.