Chris Stewart’s Rehab Moved to Indianapolis

Chris Stewart has had his rehab work moved to Indianapolis, per an Indianapolis press release. The catcher had previously been rehabbing in Bradenton, recently catching seven innings in Bradenton on Wednesday.

I’m not sure what the schedule is for rehab for a catcher. For position players, the Pirates usually prefer two five inning games, two seven inning games, and two nine inning games. If that’s the case with Stewart, then he could only need three more rehab games until he’s ready. Of course three games isn’t a guarantee, since you need to factor his individual rehab, along with the possibility that catchers could take longer to rehab. At any rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in a little over a week, tops, which will bring up the interesting decision with Tony Sanchez.

  • I don’t see much debate on this. They made their decision on this in the off season when they acquired Stewart. Unless there is some big change in the Pirates payroll philosophy between now and next year they are not going to be able to resign Martin. I understand the team wants Tony to play regular in case they make him the starter in 2015 but it is going to be tough watching Stewart at the plate.

    • Agree they made their decision when they gave Stewart 1M in the off season.

      Also although Tony has done a nice job at the plate, yesterday we saw that his defense can be a liability with the terrible throw to 2nd, and laying on the ground after the play at the plate as the runner went from 2nd to 3rd. He still needs some time/experience defensively imho.