James Santelli Wins a SABR Analytics Research Award

About a month ago I mentioned that Pirates Prospects writer James Santelli was nominated for a SABR Analytics Research Award for his article on the Pirates’ defensive shifts last year. Today, SABR announced James as the winner for the Contemporary Analysis Research Award.¬†James’ article beat out excellent articles from Beyond the Box Score, FanGraphs, Baseball America, and The Washington Post.

Please join me in congratulating James for this outstanding accomplishment. Thanks to everyone who voted for his article. If you haven’t read the now¬†award-winning article, here it is:

Pirates Defensive Shifts: The Hidden Secret Behind Baseball’s Best Team


  • A well deserved award for James at the start of his promising career! Kudos to Tim and Pirates Prospects for hiring such a talent and providing a forum for intelligent analysis of the Pirates!

  • Kudos to James, Tim and Pirates Prospects. PP has become the go-to site for in-depth analysis of the organization. This award reflects this fact.

  • Just looking at the competition, that’s some serious company to be in. Terrific achievement.

  • The article was a very good one and deserved to be recognized . Congratulations !

  • Well deserved! Congratulations James and Tim.

  • Dom DiDominic
    March 15, 2014 9:51 pm

    Excellent work! Congrats to both Santelli & PP

  • Not surprised because of the quality of the article, but it is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations to the young author and to the young website that first published it.