Wandy Rodriguez Gives Good News After First Bullpen (Video)

Wandy Rodriguez threw his first bullpen of Spring Training, throwing 28 pitches. After the day was over, Rodriguez met with the media, and before any questions were asked, he offered up a comment.

“I have good news for you guys. After my bullpen I felt nothing, so I feel very good,” Rodriguez said.

The lefty used all of his pitches today, throwing a few curveballs at the end. He only threw three or four, with the plan to increase the usage of that pitch as the Spring goes on. Rodriguez had thrown in the Dominican a bit, but he hadn’t thrown too many bullpens, so today was a bit of a change in his routine. The main focus this off-season was resting his forearm, which kept suffering setbacks last season.

“They told me ‘rest the most you can’,” Rodriguez said, of how he approached the off-season.

He noted that he felt nervous today before the bullpen, but said he feels more comfortable every time he throws. The Pirates have Rodriguez throwing like everyone else, with the difference being that he will be taking two days off before his next bullpen, with everyone else taking one day off between bullpen sessions.

  • Love the upgrade to video, and if he can come back to the guy we saw in 2012, the Pirates will have a great deal of flexibility moving through the season towards the trading deadline. And, from what we are seeing, the price of quality SP’s is rising quickly. Usually, it is a day or two before any soreness sets in, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. Wandy is crafty enough to be a solid #3/#4 and the guys I am going to be most interested in will be Cole, Liriano, and Morton. If those three pitch like they did in 2013, this Rotation will be very, very strong.

  • Tim,

    Who is throwing on the far left??? #27…seems to be throwing hard (almost coming out of his spikes).

  • Noticed that Sanchez didn’t have to move the glove much when the ball came in. That’s good to see Wandy still has his control after taking it easy for a bit.

  • Tim, any idea how hard he was throwing, the video does not show speed.

    • There were no radar guns. Velocity readings are pretty pointless this early in camp, since guys are just getting warmed up and not focused on throwing 100%.

  • Thanks.

    Ask Tim and he has the info.

    I ask a few days ago about the first time
    that Wandy throws and sure enough
    Tim comes through.