Gerrit Cole Pitching Will Make You Forget About Snow (Video)

  • clementeninjamonk
    February 16, 2014 2:28 am

    Tim, looked like Stewart had you ducking for cover there a couple times. Any new bruises this morning?

    • There’s a fence between me and the bullpen. A few of those pitches hit the bottom of the fence, shaking it, and bumping the camera. Definitely looks like more of a threat when watching the video. I’d hate to be in the batter’s box.

  • The Masked robshelb
    February 16, 2014 2:21 am


    Loved the videos. Thank you Mr. Williams. Rilly good stuff !!

    Mr. Cole looks as if he’s toned his body during the off-season. Maybe even lost a few pounds. Which is all good.

    Admittedly it’s early and pitchers aren’t going full steam ahead, but Cole seems to snap his pitches off with more energy, whereas JT seems just a tiny bit more fluid. Both are excellent pitching styles if executed properly. Fun to watch both. Less stress on Taillon’s pitching elbow over many future years of pitching, but I imagine Cole can be lights-out/shut-em-down on a moment’s notice when during an inning or AB he quickly turns up the heat to 110%.

    I for one sure would also like to see video of how Mr. McPherson is doing. He might have an important role to play in the latter half of this up-coming season. Seems to me he has a lot of potential talent, if his Tommy John rehab goes well. Fingers crossed !!

    And isn’t Mr. Kingham in ST camp ?? (I don’t remember, off-hand.) If so, looking forward to seeing some video of him as well.

    All good stuff !!

    • The Masked robshelb
      February 16, 2014 8:25 am


      So I wake up this morning only to find out I’m not the only baseball fan on the planet still interested in Mr. McPherson. Tom Singer this morning has a brief thumbnail sketch of how he’s doing.

      But no video, alas.

      C’mon , Tom. Get out there and let’s roll some tape !!!

      And thinking about it further, more requests come to mind. For example, two guys I’m especially keen on, Merssrs. Mercer and Lambo, now I’m really hoping that someone from Pirates Prospects makes a deal with both of them, to send someone over to their house or apartment and take 10-15 minute video of each of them eating breakfast.

      How kewl that would be !!!! Wowser !!!

      I always say, the more video the better . . .

      (Keep your elbow tucked in and your fork or spoon held properly, your bat within reach in case of a runner-on-base sitting opposite of you at the table, and always close your mouth while chewing. And never forget to keep a napkin in your lap.)

      News of the day, and more video at eleven. Please !!


      • The Masked robshelb
        February 16, 2014 8:57 am


        Never can have too much starting pitching, or too much overall video (tape) !!!!

  • risefromtheashes89
    February 15, 2014 11:24 pm

    Tim, thanks for the vantage point of your video’s. Gives you an idea what the batter’s and umps both see during a game. These guys are not even close to throwing full tilt. Will make me laugh when even more when commoners like myself post things complaining about guys not hitting certain pitches better. Brought back a memory of a line in one of Ron Luciano’s books. He was talking about trying to call pitches when Nolan Ryan was throwing. Said the ball appeared to explode as he tried to follow it in. Said on one pitch he hesitated in making the call and the catcher asked if it was a strike and he replied it sounded like one. Great stuff as usual TIm.

  • Not sure where to post this, so I thought this might be as good a place as any.

    I would like to thank you, Tim, and your associates for this excellent site. To put its value to Pirate fans in perspective, I need to reflect back in time, so please indulge me.

    I am 81 years old, and have been a Pirate fan since I was 11, so my tenure adds up to 70 years. During many, many of those years, the major league team was not very competitive, often losing 100+ games during a 154 game season.

    Quite naturally, Pirate fans in those days became inordinately interested in the farm system, always hoping it would produce enough good players to allow the major league Pirates to become competitive. In consequence, I followed the minor league careers of players like Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, Dave Parker, Steve Blass and countless others.

    The sole source for information on the performance of minor league players was the weekly edition of The Sporting News. There you could find batting averages, era info, and box scores from games played during the preceding week, along with a short narrative consisting of 4 or 5 sentences on each minor league team.

    Fast forward to 2014, and here you have this wealth of information on the minor league system, complete with videos, and astute editorial content.

    I am most grateful for all your work, and the professional manner in which you carry it out. Keep it up, and best of luck to you. From a forever Pirate fan, Joe.

    • clementeninjamonk
      February 16, 2014 2:23 am

      harrumph, harrumph!

      hey, I didn’t get a “harrumph” outta that guy!

      Give the governor a “harrumph!”

      “Harrumph, harrrrumph!!!!”

      …sorry, couldn’t resist. Tim, you’re the governor of P2. You definitely got my “harrumph” as well

    • Joe: Do you think following the Pirates of the ’50’s toughened you up and helped give you the strength to live into your 80’s? Just for grins and giggles how about some names like Frank Thomas, Bobby Del Greco, the O’Brien Twins, Ralph Kiner, and the original all bat/no glove 1B, Dick Stuart; and pitchers like Ronnie Kline “the Callery PA hummer” as Bob Prince would call him, Bob Friend, Dick Littlefield, etc. You had to be a hard-nosed Pirate Fan to put up with the Pirates of the ’50’s.

      • You brought back some memories by your references. You left out Mario Mendoza of “Mendoza Line” (200 ba) fame. lol. If you remember Rosie Rosewell, you’ll remember he did not travel with the team, so he called the games from a ticker tape; odd experience listening to a ballgame with no crowd noise!

        I think I made it to the 80s by keeping an active mind. I just retired after a 58 year career as a CPA.

    • Great post rocco,and I second those sentiments. emjay,cut it out ! Those names bring back memories of my grade school years that I would rather not think about.

    • I agree and very well said, Joe. Too often we only use comment sections to argue; we don’t thank people often enough.

      Reading Pirates Prospects for a few years now has really deepened my knowledge of the game and increased my appreciation for it. Thanks for everything, Tim!

  • I’m in favor of anything that makes me forget these banner ads illustrating diseases.

  • I long for the impending summer nights where an opponent comes to PNC to face Liriano, Cole and Taillon. Now that thought should warm the cockles of every true fans heart.

  • Nope. Still miserable, crappy, cold and snowy weather here in NJ. This only makes me jealous.