Fangraphs Has Seven Pirates In Their Top 100 Prospects

Fangraphs released their top 100 prospects list today and seven Pittsburgh Pirates players are listed. No other team had more prospects on the list, while both the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox had seven apiece. Below is their ranking of Pirates players, along with some other top 100 rankings that came out recently.

Gregory Polanco was tops among all Pirates players for Fangraphs, coming in at the 17th spot. On’s top 100 list, Polanco was rated 13th overall. Keith Law also had him 13th overall.

Fangraphs then had Jameson Taillon at #20, just three spots below Polanco. had Taillon 16th and Law rated him 27th. Baseball Prospectus had Taillon #19, so he is mentioned often in this same range.

Tyler Glasnow was third among Pirates players, coming in at 43rd. It’s the same order that most people have at the top three for the Pirates, though Keith Law was higher on Glasnow than Taillon, placing him 20th. Glasnow ranked 27th for

Austin Meadows came in at 48th for Fangraphs. That’s not far off the 45th spot had and Keith Law had him 35th.

Alen Hanson is ranked 74th for Fangraphs, fifth among all Pirates prospects. had him 67th, and up to this point, they had the Pirates prospects in the same order as Fangraphs.

Nick Kingham came in one spot below Hanson. He wasn’t on the list, though they mentioned that he just missed. Keith Law seemed to be on the same page as Fangraphs, placing Hanson and Kingham back-to-back as well, just with Kingham two spots higher and in front of Hanson, who was at the same spot for both.

Finally, Reese McGuire was 90th overall for Fangraphs. He didn’t make the or Keith Law list. Baseball Prospectus was ultra high on McGuire, placing him 59th overall and fourth among Pirates players. The 90-100 range seems more fitting and mentioned that he wasn’t far off their list.

Josh Bell wasn’t rated in the top 100 by Fangraphs. He was on the list at #74, Law had him 97th and Baseball Prospectus had him 77th.

  • Anyone else notice that they have Reese Mcguire as a C/DH? Thought his defense was most of his value.

    Also, I’ve been compiling all the prospect list and weighing to create a composite ranking. With Law, BP, MLB and Fan Graphs in here are the Pirate rankings.

    Comp Rk PLAYER Comp Weigh
    14 Gregory Polanco 16.75
    18 Jameson Taillon 20.5
    31 Tyler Glasnow 33
    54 Austin Meadows 54.25
    74 Alen Hanson 79.25
    80 Nick Kingham 82.25
    89 Josh Bell 87.25
    92 Reese McGuire 87.75

    • I think they listed him as a DH because nearly half his games were in the DH role. That was just to get him at-bats and not wear him out catching those brutal GCL games starting at noon in Florida during the Summer

      • Since he played some middle infield with the USA Team, could he get some work at 2B or even 1B? In JUCO where doubleheaders are a fact of life, I see a lot of Catchers playing 2B in the 2nd game, and I am positive he would rather play a defensive position rather than DH.

        • I doubt you will see him anywhere else besides catcher and DH. They would rather he concentrated on hitting and catching as opposed to playing another position to get from behind the plate. His future is definitely catcher, where his defense could be gold glove worthy if he reaches his potential. His bat had some questions during the draft, so the at-bats are important

  • What I liked of the list is how they say that Taillon is very underrated because of the “pirates philosophy” and that`s why the numbers in the minors do not correspond with the stuff, I really expect Taillon to become the excellent 1b to complement Cole.

  • With all these top 100 prospects, I feel confidant the Bucs can be a top 100 major league team going forward.