Andrew McCutchen, Starling Marte, and Gregory Polanco Taking BP (Video)

  • Seems to me like polanco has shortened his swing. He did load his hands real high like in the past. Hopefully this will help him against big league velocity.

  • Polanco looks like he is starting fill out a little . The last time I saw him in August he looked almost skinny to me . Not so much today .

  • Watching guys hit BP in the cage or throw from behind the catcher. I don’t really know what any of you guys are looking for or are seeing. To me I have no idea on what the guys are working on. Are the working on taking the ball the other way, Hitting down on the ball, driving gap to gap, swinging at strikes (Marte took a few) or just stroking the ball? I like the videos but really I get nothing out of them from where they are shot except that I can see we are closer to baseball time then we were a couple of days ago.

  • FWIW Dept. : Jayson Stark said last night on MLB Radio that he watched Polanco the other day and said that he is going to be a real star.Scott,you watched 10 or so swings and you see no Strawberry ? Have you seen him run or throw ? What did you think you were going to see ,a clone ?

    • I don’t want to see a strawberry in any way shape or form. I’ve never seen such a flash in the pan waste of God given talent. Please compare Polanco to someone who actually used his talent for other than making his nostrils bleed

  • If the three of them were playing for anything, Marte lost.

    Yeah, Polanco looks good. I don’t see any of the Strawberry I hear people talking about though.

  • Watching this makes me so, so happy. Thanks, Tim!

  • What a sweet sound off Polanco’s bat! His arrival in May/June is the most anticipated event of the season for me. Can’t wait!

  • Damn does polanco have a smooth swing! A left like that at PNC Park, gives me chills thinking about that outfield!!!!