Andrew Lambo Doing Defensive Drills at First Base (Video)

  • He doesn’t look like a liability, but none of those throws he fielded looked like Pedro fired it across the diamond.

  • I will be happy to be considered uninformed, stupid, overly optimistic and anything else people want to come up with but I feel going into this season we have the players on the 40 man roster and in the system to compete with any team till the last day of the season and beyond. I’m am totally comfortable with Gaby and Lambo at first and with the coaching staff being able to get Lambo ready. Hell, I’m even comfortable with Gaby helping Lambo get ready. So unless you can get me a Votto, Chris Davis or someone like that, then save the money and lets go get em Buc’s!

  • Cato the Elder
    February 19, 2014 4:00 pm

    Yep, it looks like that professional baseball player knows how to throw and catch a baseball. The real question is does he know how to play baseball – is he a gamer?!? Won’t know until we see him perform in the World Series – which is kind of like a World Baseball Classic with less of the world and more of the classic.

  • As much as I appreciate good defense I could really care less about how well he fields. I’ve seen worse… GI Jones for instance.
    What I’m hoping for is a GI Jones type bat – at least – .260 with 20 bombs would be a great first year for Andrew.
    Greg with the call… he just Lam-basted that one! They’ll just keep coming I’m sure!

  • I used to hate practice, but I’d ‘kill’ to be getting ready for Spring Training (northern style) again.

  • I will take it . Still concerned whether he can pull it off but he did look pretty good .

  • Yes emjay,he still looks a little stiff to me too. But he looks a lot better than he did last Summer when I saw him playing 1st base in Altoona. He is at least looking at the ball like he is an infielder rather than straight up and looking pretty much straight ahead like an Oufielder.

  • He is working at it and looks stiff, but decent. It’s the drills that every 1B has to go through every year to get ready for the season – sort of like BP. It is what happens in the speed of the game, the instinctive moves, that will make the difference.

    • emjay…that is what EYE am awaiting…live games.

      • The Masked robshelb
        February 19, 2014 2:42 pm



        You’re making Slambo out to be akin to one of those Stegosauruseses creatures. You know, you smack the Stego on the end of his tail with a hammer and it takes two minutes to register in the dinosaur brain.

        Personally, with Mr. Lambo, I don’t think that will be the case.

        I doubt Andrew will be any worse than 90% of 1B’men on routine ground balls — even in game situations. And screaming smashes get past lots of ML 1B-men, every now and then.

        I know Smoak is the fad-du-jour in some quarters right now. “If we can only get Smoak, then we’ll be saved !!”

        Well, he has a life-time ML BA (four years) of .227 . . . Talk about HR or bust guys . . .

        Me, I’d still rather have a guy who might make one (okay, maybe two) misplays a game early in the season — until he gets totally familiar with his new position — than a guy who at the plate may well spend most of 2014 battling against the Mendoza Line.

        Huntington and Hurdle have both said recently that a central goal for 2014 is to improve offensively. In that context, I don’t see how Smoak, or any of the other options mentioned (except for maybe Ike Davis — potentially, which admittedly is a big ‘IF’), could significantly improve over what Mr. Lambo may be able to offer.

        It’s time to get on the Lambo bandwagon. Not the time for anyone to be dragging their feet.

        All a-board, matey !!! It’s LAMBO TIME at first base !!!

        Horray !!!

  • The Masked robshelb
    February 19, 2014 9:39 am


    There’s either something wrong with (a) my computer monitor or (b) the video stream is all messed up. Slambo is so smooth and quick that every time I play that clip all the pixel images blur together and the whole screen simply starts to glow in a shimmering Buccos’ gold hue . . .


    That’s the unexpected bad side of Andrew making the 25 man roster. Just now realized it. I’m probably gonna have to up-grade from HDTV to 4K Ultra H.

    Oh well, the sacrifices we sometimes have to make . . .

    On another front, any word yet from down there in Bradenton as to when the Annual Spring Training Home Run Hitting Contest is scheduled to take place ?? I’ve always said if it’s good enough for the All Star Game, then it’s good enough for Spring Training. And I’d love to see Slambo and Pedro launch a couple into the Gulf of Mexico. Just for fun.

    Every year I keep waiting for and anticipating the HR hitting contest, and yet somehow every year I seem to miss it. (Wassup with that ?? Yikes !!)

    I know, it’s actually my own fault. Clearly, I have to pay more attention to what’s going on down there in Florida. But if someone could please post when this years HR hitting contest is scheduled to take place, that would sure help me out, a lot.

    And who knows. This year we might actually get to see Jordy Mercer maybe not reach the Gulf waters, but at least poke a few into some nearby supermarket parking lot.

    kewl !!


  • I hope the kid gets an honest shot at first before the Pirates start throwing money around. Ike Davis hit a bunch of home runs one year and that’s it. Morales value is only as a hitter. I feel you can’t judge Lambo in regards to guys like Smoak and Moorland because they have been given a chance and they are average at best. I feel we have a better chance of picking a good first basemen up at the all-star break from a non-contending team then we do now. And at least we get to find out if we have that diamond in the rough in Lambo.

    • I think you underestimate Davis. He was good as a rookie in 2010 (OPS of .790). Was hitting great the next year (.925 OPS) before a season-ending injury. Then hit 32 HR’s the next year although his peripherals weren’t great. Then was bad at the start of 2013 and got farmed out. BUT when he returned after the break, his OPS was .950 for the rest of the year.

      He would be a gamble but he has the potential to be a very good hitter and he is still only 26. Plus he crushes RHP, which is exactly what is needed. I think there is a high probability that he would outhit Lambo – but the question is how much would he cost?

      • >>the question is how much would he cost?< Lambo, but Davis < Lambo+Kingham.

        When I'm looking at the Pirate lineup this year — and especially when I'm projecting ahead to 2015 and 2016, when we should be stacked at just about every position — I see a gaping hole at first base. If by any chance the Pirates could plug that gap with a cheap, productive, in-house candidate rather than having to trade valuable prospects, it would be a huge win for the team.

        For that reason alone I'm perfectly willing to give Lambo every chance to prove he either can or can't be that guy before I decide preemptively that he can't.

  • Not bad.

    I bet what happens is that he’s fine at defensively at 1B and then hits 190/250/320.