Pirates Prospects Taking Calls Saturday Morning on 93.7 The Fan

Tomorrow (or today, if you’re reading this on Saturday), I will be on 93.7 The Fan talking Pirates baseball with Dan Zangrilli. The show runs from 7-11 AM, and I will be on at 9:20 AM and 9:40 AM. Most interviews I do are just a discussion between myself and the host. This time around I’ll be taking calls and discussing the prospects in the system with you (if you happen to be one of the callers…otherwise you’ll just be listening to me answering questions from someone that is not Dan Zangrilli, and maybe a few from Dan). You can listen live to the show on 93.7 FM in Pittsburgh, or by streaming the show from their website.


  • unfortunately I will not be able to listen. If I could I would ask about a few under the radar free agents still hanging out there who might be able to help the Pirates. To me, Casey Kotchman looks like a lefft handed version of Gabby Sanchez and might provide good insurance for Lambo. With AJ apparently out of the picture some old friends like Paul Maholm and Bronson Arroyo are looking for work. Signing a veteran pitcher would provide early season Edison/Wandy insurance and then provide pitching depth to flip for a bat mid-season. Assuming the Pirates were holding back $10M for AJ, short of upgrading quad lifts and snow making machinery how will that money be spent?

  • I often call in to local national Public Radio shows (KQED), and often local Boston radio when I am in the Northeast. Rather than speaking about progressive politics, I will ask about the progressive nature of this now-proud franchise!