Pittsburgh Pirates Projected Super Two Players Following the 2013 Season

Michael McKenry projects to be Super Two eligible this off-season. (Photo by: David Hague)
Michael McKenry projects to be Super Two eligible this off-season. (Photo by: David Hague)

MLBTR released the updated estimate of this off-season’s Super Two date, which is 2.121 years of service time. If you’re unfamiliar with years of service time, that reads as two years and 121 days. If you’re unfamiliar with Super Two status, it means that anyone with 2.121 years or more, but less than three years of service time would be eligible for arbitration as a Super Two player, rather than being a league minimum player.

With this estimated cutoff, we can get a feel for who will be eligible for Super Two following the 2013 season. In previous years there have been guys who have been close to the deadline, and guys like Garrett Jones and Neil Walker have been eligible. This year the only person who is close is Michael McKenry. The backup catcher is estimated to finish the 2013 season with 2.136 years of service, nearly guaranteeing him for arbitration instead of a third league minimum year. I could see the Pirates holding onto McKenry, since the price would probably be under $1 M and he gives them catching depth (he has an option).

You can’t really project future years with the current year’s cut-off. Each year is the same. That said, the Pirates don’t have anyone who projects to be Super Two eligible following the 2014 season. The only situation to watch would be Gerrit Cole. Cole will have 111 days of service time at the end of this season, giving him 2.111 at the end of the 2015 season. He would be clear under the current cut-off, although we don’t know if the future cut-off will go down.

  • Playoffs change the service time? Cole could get quite a few more games on the active roster.

  • I can’t see them holding on to McHenry because of the numbers game, they will have Sanchez. Sanchez is a better catcher than McHenry and a better catcher IMO than Buck, just not as experienced. I don’t think that McHenry will want to go to AAA and I don’t think the Pirates will put him there, also IMO, it would be kind of cruel to put Sanchez back at AAA, that would be holding him back. I think they will trade McHenry, they have some fine catching coming through the minors right now also.
    McHenry is a problem for them IMO. What to do with him? They have some other players over the winter that are in the “What to do with him” catagory, like Jones, Snider, Barmes.

    • Buck is a free agent after the year, so he won’t be around. I envision Martin as the starter with Sanchez as the back-up to learn from him. Let McKenry play the year in AAA to get regular at-bats. This sets them up for Sanchez as the starter in 2015 with McKenry as the backup.