Cardinals Good at Baseball, Pirates Lose 13-0

Jeanmar Gomez Pirates
Jeanmar Gomez’s ERA increased from 2.50 to 3.26 on the season. (Photo Credit: David Hague)

The St. Louis Cardinals are good at playing baseball and demonstrated as much by beating the Pirates 13-0. They had lost seven in a row and now they have won one in a row, avoiding the fate of their 1916 brethren by not being swept in a five-game series.

Pirates starting pitcher Charlie Morton allowed five of those runs. He gave up 22 balls in play for 10 hits. That’s bad luck, but it came after a 1-2-3 first inning and two strikeouts in the 2nd.

“The first run scored was on a wild pitch. I hit [Jon] Jay with the bases loaded,” Morton said. “Even the last run that scored, [Carlos] Beltran’s double, I gotta be smarter in that at-bat right there. That’s three runs right there that, I’m not saying they wouldn’t have scored, I could have gone about a little better.”

Morton’s season ERA is 4.07. Pirates reliever Jeanmar Gomez allowed seven of those runs.

The Cardinals, a good baseball team, recorded 17 hits. Carlos Beltran, Allen Craig, Matt Holliday, David Freese, Jon Jay and Joe Kelly each had two hits. Tony Cruz had three. Three is more.

So what does the Bucs manager tell his team?

“Absolutely nothing,” Clint Hurdle said. “We just won four out of five from the Cardinals.”

The Pirates lead fellow good baseball team St. Louis by 1.5 games in the National League Central.

There. That’s all you needed to know, right?

  • A good time to get Black in there and get some experience. You are right. Throwing 98 is not that great at the ML level is you don’t have movement on your pitches. He can be coached up, and still become an effective RP. As for Jeanmar, it sounds like I am making excuses here, but he has not pitched much lately, and when and how much he has been used has been rather erratic. Good time to get him some action, and a good time for him to have a bad outing, since the game was already out of hand. In Searage we trust.

  • CalipariFan506
    August 2, 2013 7:26 am

    The only thing I took away from that game is that Victor Black throws a very straight and easy to hit fastball.

  • Just the baseball gods evening things out.
    In the first 4 games the Pirates out scored the Cards 22 to 7. In 5 games it’s closer now, 22 to 20. I guess that screws up the pythag, Pirates are now 7 and 3 against the Cards (Pirates lead 48 to 42 in runs scored).

  • Meh, lose 54, move on!