Alex Rios Acquired by Texas Rangers

Alex Rios
Alex Rios will wear the blue and red of the Texas Rangers for the rest of 2013.

Outfielder Alex Rios finally found a trade destination. The Chicago White Sox have traded Rios and $1 million to the Texas Rangers for cash or a player to be named later, as first reported by CSN Chicago’s Dan Hayes.

Rios was reportedly near the top of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ trade deadline wish list. After the July 31 deadline, the Pirates were too low on the waiver wire to claim Rios before the Rangers did.

Reports had the trade’s player to be named later as Leury Garcia, a speedy young shortstop with a strong arm from the right side of the infield. Garcia, 22, has been ranked as a C+ prospect and not one of the Rangers’ Top 20 farmhands. The Dominican native is 5-foot-7 with little power at the plate, hitting for a .723 OPS in Triple-A this season.

Rios’ offensive numbers this year of of .277/.328/.421 and a 102 wRC+ are lower than those of Jose Tabata, though Rios brings strong defense in right field and above-average baserunning to the Rangers. Texas’ starting right fielder Nelson Cruz was suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for receiving performance-enhancing drugs from Biogenesis.

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The Phillies just DFA’d Delmon Young. Bench upgrade methinks. Just sayin…

Ron Zorn

No, No, No


He would be better than who off the bench? I don’t see how he helps.


This is why the White Sox will be a 90 loss team for the forseeable future. They pass up better opportunities in July and at the winter meetings and make a deal when they had zero leverage.


Maybe with an aggressive deadline team like the Rangers now satisfied, Alejandro de Aza can sneak his way through the 28 AL and NL teams and become a Pirate


So what are the White Sox doing here? It’s not like he’s a free agent at the end of the year. I’m guessing they were offered much more pre-trade deadline than what they got here from Texas. Was he that much of a problem attitude wise?


They are dumping salary. The Rangers were willing to pick up the money he was owned (minus 1 million), while the Pirates probably were not. That’s most likely why he is in Texas now, versus a Pirate on July 31st.


If that’s true, then the teams trying to sell should know it , and lower their demands accordingly. Granted, the talk about Taillon or Polanco for Rios was ridiculous, even if Alexi was included (BTW, I’m pretty sure the Sox were the ones wanting Alexi in the deal, not any of the buyers). But there’s no reason the Sox couldn’t have gotten a Top 20 prospect or two, instead of some C+ longshot. And I say that as a solid C+ student myself. Stetson Allie looks like a sure thing compared to the guy the Rangers gave up, and I’m pretty sure NH would have offered Allie for Rios. But that’s why the Sox will still be the Sox in 5 years.

IC Bob

James that is true about Value but it also does suggest their are plenty of opportunities out their if we are diligent. That said I feel like we made a huge acquisition just by cutting Inge. Harrison has already been huge in two victories. Addition by subtraction we have improve our bench more then our competitors just by removing Inge, Ft Mac and Snider and replacing them with Presley, Harrison and Sanchez.


The quality of these opportunities will be poor if we continue to win. Especially when there are more AL sellers than NL. Getting any AL player will be next to impossible because of the way its set up

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