Melky Cabrera Ineligible for Batting Title; McCutchen the Leader

According to, San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera has been ruled ineligible for the batting title. Cabrera is currently the leader in the race, but his suspension for performance enhancing drugs has surrounded the potential award with controversy.

Cabrera requested to be removed from the race, and MLB and the Player’s Union complied in a one time agreement. Cabrera was one plate appearance shy of qualifying for the award, but under rule 10.22(a), he would have been given a hitless at-bat to make up for the lost plate appearance. Cabrera turned down the at-bat, and MLB made a one time change to the rule to make Cabrera ineligible.

This makes Andrew McCutchen (.339) the current leader in the race, with Buster Posey (.335) challenging. The batting title now looks to be a two player race, with a big gap until the next qualified player, which is Yadier Molina at .321.

McCutchen wouldn’t talk about the batting title, but Pirates manager Clint Hurdle told Kristy Robinson that he wasn’t a fan of suspended players being able to win the batting title.

“I’m not a fan of it. Rules are rules,” Hurdle said. “The way it’s set up, not sure there’s anything that can be done about it. It is what it is. I’m not a fan. You like to see the batting title, or any title, won on the field, unless there’s an injury in play where the guy physically gets hurt. But by being removed from the game by making a bad choice, it’s probably not the best way for it to end.”
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John Lease

Finally, a move that I agree with. Why on earth did the union have to ‘sign off’ on it? I’d make it the rule FOREVER. How much of a puppet is Bud?

Stephen Stull

Who cares about a batting title? I sure don’t. I want a winning team that makes the playoffs. Is that so much to ask?


Not a Melky fan, but I do have to give him some kudos, this is a classy move.
Now, I do understand that he may well be trying to increase his marketability for this off-season, but still, I ma glad to see it done.


Probably wouldn’t have done it if one of his teammates (Posey) didn’t stand to benefit from it. Don’t kid yourself, he’s probably not doing this out of the goodness of his heart… Just wants to give his teammate a chance to win it

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