Pirates Make a Series of Roster Moves


  • Tabata can stay in AAA until he starts to show power for my money. Power as in HR power, not 2b power. I like the outfield as it is with Marte, Cutch, and Snider / Jones / Sanchez.
    The real question is who takes the full time 2b role with Neil out. I like the idea of Navarro getting the shot over Mercer and Harrison – I don’t think Mercer is ready quite yet and I like Harrison better as the full utility guy.
    I tell you though, it might be that Brock Holt is the real answer – this kid is ripping the cover off the ball no matter where you play him. I’d have liked to have seen him for a short opportunity too.

    • Do you really need your leadoff guy (presumably what Tabata’s best suited for) to have consistent HR power? I mean, I know when he was 17 people were expecting his bat to have more pop by this point but isn’t it time we alter the expectations for him?

      • I agree with your comment. If Tabata can just be what he was pre-2011, he could be a valuable leadoff man, wether it be for the Bucs or some other team. Marte has some talent, but lets be real here: hes not a leadoff guy.

  • I’m on the bereavement list as long as Qualls is on the active roster. Cut him loose, please.

  • These moves don’t make sense to me. Why not just call up Navarro and place Qualls on bereavement? I understand it’s a very small sample, but Locke more than held his own in his two outings.

    • I agree, Locke did look good, unfortunately the role he was given didn’t allow us to capitalize on our players in the best way. With the six man rotation essentially removing a roster spot from our team we can’t really afford to waste a bullpen spot on a pitcher that we were seemingly only willing to use in long relief situations.

      That said, I think Locke has shown promise and would’ve had no problem if they chose to put him in as the sixth man and DFA’d Correia. I’m glad Hughes is back though.

      I also wouldn’t mind if we called up Tabata instead of repeatedly running Snider out there while he is injured.