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Exploring the Arsenal – Lucas Harrell


Exploring the Arsenal will run prior to each game, providing you with a brief scouting report on the starting pitcher expected to oppose the Pirates. The chart below shows the horizontal and vertical movement of every pitch thrown by that particular pitcher in 2012. This chart is from the catcher’s point of view. Click here for a general guide to pitch types and classifications. Graphs are courtesy of Brooks Baseball and The Hardball Times , unless otherwise specified. Statistics are courtesy of FanGraphs .

Sunday, 2:05 PM – Lucas Harrell

IP 121.2
K/PA 15.6%
BB/PA 8.3%
HR/9 0.67
GB% 56.4%
ERA 4.07
FIP 3.79

Harrell throws his fastball around 91-94 MPH and touches 95. He leans heavily on his two-seamer, particularly against right-handed batters. The pitch has good sinking arm-side run and generates a lot of ground balls. He does not go to his four-seamer too often, but he is able to miss some bats with the pitch when he does mix it in. Harrell throws two solid breaking pitches, an 84-88 MPH slider and an 81-85 MPH curve. Both pitches get a decent number of swings-and-misses while piling up tons of ground balls. His final offering is a fringy 81-84 MPH changeup that he uses to keep lefties honest. Harrell commands all of his pitches pretty well and does a good job of keeping the ball downstairs. Overall, he does not miss many bats, but he is effective by keeping the ball on the ground and out of the outfield.

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