Pirates Draft Mark Appel in the First Round

Mark Appel - Image Courtesy: Pittsburgh Pirates

With the eighth pick in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft, the Pittsburgh Pirates selected Stanford pitcher Mark Appel. The right-hander was one of the top prospects in the draft, but fell unexpectedly to the Pirates. There were rumors that his adviser, Scott Boras, was pushing him down in the draft with high demands, which could make his negotiations interesting.

The 6′ 5″ right hander entered the year as the top prospect in the draft, and has drawn comparisons to Justin Verlander. Appel throws his fastball in the 92-95 MPH range, and has touched 98-99 with Team USA. He throws a hard slider and a circle changeup. His fastball is currently a plus pitch, and he’s got a lot of potential with the other two pitches.

Appel has had similar problems to what Gerrit Cole saw in college. His stuff makes him a potential ace down the road, but he’s elevated his fastball and over-thrown his pitches in college, which has resulted in him being too hittable. He’s fallen from the consensus number one prospect in the draft, but he seemed to be a lock to go in the top five.

His addition makes the Pirates pitching depth much stronger, giving them three guys with number one upside. Appel could move quickly through the system, and could join Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon to give the Pirates three potential aces. However, with Scott Boras, it will be interesting to see how the negotiations go.

Check back later for more on Appel, as well as updates on the 45th overall pick.

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Where would Appel rank in our top ten and is he a top ten prospect in baseball?


A stroke of luck that Appel falls to no. 8 – and how about the Bucs and Steelers pulling from Stanford??? Nobody saw him falling to this spot, have to like the depth for Starters in the minors now – no doubt about it.


There are several articles about Mark Appel and an exclusive interview with him at this site http://broscouts.wordpress.com/

James Vargo

I wish they would have stayed the course with Allie, then trade him saying there was no room for another top pitcher and no hitting. Timing is everything. Anyway, making him a hitter is a stroke of genius now.

Paul Carey Jr

only problem, I doubt teams would really offer too much after all the problems that Allie has showed so far, he would need to show a little control to get decent interest I believe.

Also I think Allie as a hitter was probably the right move right now, from things I read seemed like his heart was not in pitching the way it was in hitting.


I disagree. He probably won’t be a successful hitter, and they gave up on him too fast.


I was apposed to go taking a pitcher, but I can’t really complain with Appel at #1 .


Whoops I meant #8

Ian Rothermund

I keep forgetting about the earlier signing deadline as well. If this deal gets done, where does he end up for the remainder of the season?

Lee Young

Tim just said Bradenton.

Ian Rothermund

That’s cool, I think that’s a good place to start. Too bad his agent’s a douche, otherwise he could’ve actually gotten there sooner.

Lee Young

I bet State College?


Ian Rothermund

I tried replying and it didn’t work. But what I said was, I realize the staff is still going to need some time to work with him, but wouldn’t it almost be a waste of time for him to go against that level of competition?

Ian Rothermund

I don’t see that making much sense though. Well I suppose there is going to have to be some time for the Pirates staff to work with him, but to have him compete against that competition would kind of be a waste of time.

Ian Rothermund

Ok and now the original post is showing up and I don’t know how to delete it.

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