Pirates Call Up Gorkys Hernandez

The Pittsburgh Pirates have called up Gorkys Hernandez for the weekend series against the Detroit Tigers. A move was expected after the Pirates demoted Alex Presley earlier in the week, and promoted Evan Meek. That move gave the team eight relievers in the bullpen. With the designated hitter in use this weekend, an extra bat was needed.

Hernandez is hitting for a .266/.343/.355 line in Triple-A this year over 124 at-bats. He’s been hitting well in May, with a .277/.329/.400 line.

Hernandez was originally acquired in the Nate McLouth trade about three years ago. He’s a strong defender, possibly the best defensive outfielder in the Pirates’ system. He doesn’t do much with the bat, and is mostly a singles hitter, although he can rack up a few extra base hits thanks to his speed. He has five doubles and two homers this year in Indianapolis, which is double the amount of homers he had last year.

To make room, the Pirates have optioned Evan Meek down to Triple-A.

  • I understand keeping Hernandez out against Verlander. What I don’t understand is all the complaining at this point in time about him being brought up. This wasn’t a move to answer the offensive woes of this major league club, this was about depth at the proper position. We have Pedro, Jones, and Mcgehee (or McGeehee, or whatever the hell his name is), and while those names aren’t read Ruth, Stargell, and Mays, it’s better than what Hague has to offer. The Bucs are in an American league town, at some point the reality is going to set in that this is an anemic offense at best and someone as mediocre as Hague isn’t going to bring this from a team that averages 2.7 runs/game to one that averages 5. In light of this REALITY, the best option is to continue to do what they’ve been doing, rely on pitching, hope that this offense isn’t truly as historically bad as they’ve shown so far, and wait for them to pick it up; all the while trying to sure up their defense.

    Right now there are two main reasons why it’s impossible to acquire any worthwhile players via trade. 1.) It’s still way too early in the season for a team to be shopping around any talent worth trading for, and 2.) given the current level of perceived desperation for offense, it’s likely that if a worthwhile player were available, the Pirates would be forced to trade an unnecessary amount in return.

    Instead of the Front Office, why don’t we start blaming players; like Neil Walker for instance. Guys who are supposed to be the “core” of this team that are only capable of hitting .260 with no power. He says he doesn’t go up there trying to hit for power, then again, does he go up there trying to hit at all? It just looks like he takes too many pointers from his brother-in-law while they take BP in the off-season, and I’m not sure I’ve seen a worse professional hitter. Thank god he has just enough speed, and that team has just enough offense that you don’t realize how terrible he is. Either way, if I were Mt. Lebo H.S., I’d hold off on the Don Kelly statue for now.

    I don’t blame the Front Office for the crappy F.A. signings, for the most part, they were logical, whatever-they-could-get signings. Is Barmes a super-star? No. But through his career, he’s shown to be very good and consistent defensively (idk, something you actually want out of a short stop), while not embarrassing himself with the bat. Barajas, once again, solid defensively, works well with the pitchers (heard much talk about how much he’s helped guys like McDonald), and has enough pop to get by with a low batting average. Sadly, both have started out extremely slow on offense, and Barmes hasn’t necessarily been what was advertised on defense, but there has been more to like recently. Barmes seems solid at short (for now), while Barajas continues to do what he does behind the plate, and is sadly, one of the power leaders for this team. So you can complain about both of them, however, relative to the team, they are contributing.

    This is just not going to be a team that can attract decent Free Agents until they can begin to win from within. You cannot have a sustained effort to win from within if you trade anyone that shows any future value to the team. You also can’t trade mediocre major league players in the hopes that you receive well respected prospects in return, (look at Freddy Sanchez, Jason Bay, Ian Snell; all mediocre to crappy players that brought nothing in return. Not due to any failings by the front office, but by the fact that those players had no value). Talent breeds talent.

    This is a chicken and egg situation. However, in this scenario, it’s quite obvious that the chicken has to be there first. Honestly, at the beginning of last season, it was accepted that the Bucs were on the 3-year plan, then they did reasonably well for about half of a season when it didn’t really count and now look where we are now. Currently working with an historically bad offense (which will not be great, but is statistically bound to improve in some way), and a solid pitching staff which has shown in two straight years their worth and continued improvement.

    Well, I feel as though I could go on, but I just got bored, and I figure very few people will actually bother to read and or care about this rant to begin with.

    • we share your pain…its always good to ‘let it out’ sometimes.

      • lol, it just makes me want to scream sometimes. It’s not that complicated, it’s just not as easy as, “…we need a hitter, and the FO is a bunch of idiots because they haven’t just made it happen…”

  • We need Babe Ruth not Hernandez. This FO has created an offensive abomination. No real help on the way at AAA, AA, or High A. Nothing but excuses from Huntingdon. When does accountability apply to Pirates Mgmt. this is a joke.

    • I guess Neil can now claim a victory by bringing Gorkys to the majors. He doesn’t belong on the Pirates roster, not over Hague, or even Presley.

  • I don’t understand. Matt Hague was one of the best hitters in the IL last year and the past few games has come around to be that person again. What else does he have to do to get a shot?

  • Brian Krueger
    May 18, 2012 5:29 pm

    Wish Marte were ready but he’s not. Trending downward unfortunately

    • Hardly.

    • For real? Just like the unreasonable expectations put on the major league club because of giving the fans just a taste of what it’s like to win. Marte does well when guys that are ticketed for the majors regardless of how well they perform are just trying to build arm strength and now we forget that coming into the year everyone expected him to need the entire season in AAA anyhow? Marte simply showed in Spring Training what his upside is and showed his potential, it was never a try out for coming north to Pittsburgh. He just showed what he would have done if he were on an A-ball team this year.

  • salempirate
    May 18, 2012 5:08 pm

    Hope it works out, but for those who constantly tout the farm system please note the slash line of .266/.343/.355. Grrrr…something’s got to change.
    How many Mendoza line wannabes in the lineup tonight? Sucky, sucky.

  • This points to McGehee at first, Hernandez, Cutch, Tabata OF and Jones DHing… At least I hope Hernandez plays over McOut