Notes From Pirate City: The Camp Days I Love

In previous years I’ve only come to Spring Training during the final two weeks of the season. The minor league players were already playing games, and when a camp day came around, it would conclude with a few intersquad games. That’s great, because on every field you have a game to watch, with a Pirates pitcher on the mound, and a Pirates batter at the plate. If you’re looking for the most information on the players in the system, camp days are the best days to watch.

So far this Spring, the camp days haven’t been that way. Chalk that up to being early in Spring, with a lot of players still getting in to the routines. However, today is a camp day, and it will conclude with four intersquad games. Here are the pitching matchups for the games:

Game 1

Team 1: Logan Pevny (Starter), Dovydas Neverauskas, Bryton Trepagnier, Alex Lukashevich, Roberto Espinosa

Team 2: Andy Otamendi (Starter), Wilson Lee, Jackson Lodge, Luis Campos, David Jagoditsh

Game 2

Team 1: Luis Heredia (Starter), Colten Brewer, Yhonathan Herrand

Team 2: Clayton Holmes (Starter), Jake Burnette, Josh Poytress, Cliff Archibald

Game 3

Team 1: Mike Colla (Starter), Mike Crotta, Mike Loree, Bryan Morris

Team 2: Nathan Baker (Starter), Victor Black, Ryan Beckman

Game 4

Team 1: Colton Cain (Starter), Vincent Payne

Team 2: Matt Benedict (Starter), Joan Montero, Porfirio Lopez




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