McCutchen Signs Six-Year Deal with Pirates

BRADENTON, Fla. –According to the Post-Gazette the Pittsburgh Pirates and Andrew McCutchen have agreed to a six-year deal worth $51.5 million with a club option for $14.75 million. The contract buys out at least the first two years of free agency and will keep him in a Pirates uniform at least through the 2017 season.

Per Rob Biertempfel of the Trib Review, the breakdown of McCutchen’s contract is as follows: 2012 – $500 K, plus $1.25 M signing bonus; 2013 – $4.5 M; 2014 – $7.25 M; 2015 – $10 M; 2016 $13 M; 2017 $14 M; Option for $14.75 M or $1 M buyout for the 2018 season.

McCutchen, 25, is the second of the Pirates core players that have signed a long-term deal. Last August, outfielder Jose Tabata signed a six-year extension for $15 M which included three club options.

Just last week, Bob Nutting, the Pirates Chairman of the Board, discussed wanting to lock up core players such as McCutchen as they enter their arbitration years.

Nutting had said there was both interest and flexibility financially.

“We said from the very beginning that we have a plan to build talent and then to retain, and build on talent that are key pieces of the organization,” Nutting said at Pirate City. “[General Manager] Neal [Huntington] has a clear understanding of what those key pieces are. So yes, that’s important, and something that we need to continue to workout. Without addressing specific players, you have seen a continued improvement in talent at the club, as we begin to find ways to ensure that that talent can stay with the club, and continue to contribute. That certainty has always been part of the program. We are indeed reaching the point, that it may not be absolute urgency, but we absolutely have a commitment and a desire to see that happen.”

The deal has not yet been made official by the Pirates.

  • I’m just waiting to see what the detractors’ reactions will be to this. 

    If the wins start showing up in Pittsburgh at a higher frequency this year, they’ll really be in trouble.

    It’s just going to be fun to see how the situation with Marte, Grossman, and Bell plays out over the next couple years now.  Even more so if a few of the toolsy guys in the lower minors work out.  An outfield of McCutchen, Tabata, and Marte seems pretty nice. 

  • john.alcorn
    March 5, 2012 5:56 pm

    steve o, you seem a bit confused. the Super 2 status refers to whether a player is arbitration eligible after 2 + years of big league time. Basically if a player has been in the bigs for 2 years plus another two-thirds of a year they may qualify for a raise in arbitration early (before the full 3 year cutoff).

    Free agent compensation is now linked to the Pirates willingness to offer a player a 1 year deal to stay in the $10-12 million range through arbitration (calculated based on league wide contracts). This occurs after a player has 6 years of experience in MLB and is qualified to opt for FA. When the time comes the Bucs would have to make a big offer in arbitration to then receive a comp pick if the player turns them down and leaves.  

    At any rate, debate over the OF is mainly wishful thinking at this stage, we have one above average MLB OF, until we have 3 its not worth losing any sleep over. Even then it would be a great problem to have.

  • Ive seen a lot of debate as to the future of the OF and having too many guys.  I realize it would be down the road, but do any of these guys down the road count as a super 2 free agent and get us a first round pick?