Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Minor League Camp Schedule

A week from today all of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ minor league players will report to Spring Training for the start of minor league camp. A lot of players have either already reported, or will be reporting today. The schedule below gives the important dates for minor league camp, as well as the full schedule of games for the duration of camp.

Important Dates

February 24th – Staff Reports

February 26th – Early Camp Players Report

March 4th – All Players Report

March 5th – First Workout

April 2nd – All teams break camp

Minor League Schedule

All games start at 1:00 PM. Home games are played at Pirate City. Camp days typically feature practices, and an inter-squad game around 10:00 AM. Short season players usually play an inter-squad game on a daily basis.

March 11th – CAMP DAY

March 12th – CAMP DAY

March 13th – CAMP DAY

March 14th – 3A/2A vs PHI, 1A @ PHI

March 15th – 3A/2A @ TOR, 1A vs TOR

March 16th – CAMP DAY

March 17th – 3A/2A vs TOR, 1A @ TOR

March 18th – 3A/2A @ NYY, 1A vs NYY

March 19th – 3A/2A @ PHI, 1A vs PHI

March 20th – CAMP DAY

March 21st – CAMP DAY

March 22nd – 3A/2A vs TOR, 1A @ TOR

March 23rd – 3A/2A vs NYY, 1A @ NYY

March 24th – 3A/2A @ NYY, 1A vs NYY

March 25th – 3A/2A vs TOR, 1A @ TOR

March 26th – CAMP DAY

March 27th – 3A/2A @ TOR, 1A vs TOR

March 28th – 3A/2A @ PHI, 1A vs PHI

March 29th – 3A/2A vs PHI, 1A @ PHI

March 30th – 3A/2A @ NYY, 1A vs NYY

March 31st – 3A/2A vs PHI, 1A @ PHI

April 1st – CAMP DAY


  • Exile ~ It was confusing to me, until I spend more time thinking about this.  These MUST be minor League spring training games, where the vast majority of Rookie League, Summer League, low and high A prospects play. These do NOT begin until mid-March. 

    The games you mentioned, beginning this coming weekend (!), are with players on the 40 man squad and non roster invitees, who will either 1) make the Pirates, 2) fill out AAA and AA rosters, or be released.  Is this correct, Tim?

    • There are two camps. Major league camp is the one that we commonly hear about. Minor league camp is the camp for everyone else in the system. That is what this schedule is for.

      They don’t really have anything set in stone, but they usually break up the teams in to a 3A squad, a 2A squad, and an A-ball squad. Players will play for different teams at times, but usually they stick with the same teams. The guys who project to be in short season usually play inter-squad games.

  • Duh, just realized its the MINOR LEAGUE schedule.  Never post post past midnight!

  • Not understanding this schedule, as it has the first game taking place on March 14.   In fact, the Pirates open in Dunedin on Saturday, March 3 and have their first home game the next day vs. the same Blue Jays.  In all, there are 10 games on the schedule before March 14 (I personally have tickets to 4 of them).   What gives?