Pirates Sign Brian Tallet

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed left handed pitcher Brian Tallet, according to Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus. No word on whether the deal is a major league deal or a minor league deal.

Tallet has a career 4.79 ERA in 460 major league innings, pitching for three teams. Last year he split time between St. Louis and Toronto, but had poor results with a 9.45 ERA in 13.1 innings. The 34 year old also pitched for Toronto from 2006-2010. From 2006-2008 he had good results, with a 3.38 ERA in 173 innings, along with a 7.2 K/9 and a 4.2 BB/9 ratio. He worked as a starter in 2009, with a 5.32 ERA in 160.2 innings. Tallet then moved back to the bullpen in 2010, with a 6.40 ERA in 77.1 innings, making five starts in the process.

Tallet signed a major league deal with St. Louis last year, which paid him $750 K. He missed time in 2011 with a rib injury late in the season, and a fractured hand early in the season. Because of the injuries and the poor performances the past few years, I’d be surprised if this was a major league deal. He should compete with Daniel Moskos and Doug Slaten for the second left handed spot in the bullpen.

  • I’d say this is just your run of the mill, sign a guy to sign a guy, type of moves.  If Watson or Moskos gets injured this year, and the other one just stinks, everyone’s going to be a lot happier that they have this guy sitting around in AAA compared to some loser from AA or rushing someone in the upper minor leagues. 

    I’m still wondering why some people think that it was just as simple as trying to give Jackson the going rate to come here.  It is a bit surprising seeing him go for a one year contract, but since he’s a Boras guy, the deal probably involves a dozen or so orphan babies for Boras to suck the essence from via the Dark Crystal.  Have I mentioned my strong dislike for Boras?

    Idk, maybe they went for Ed, maybe they didn’t.  Regardless, I think the best case scenario for him is that he continues throwing 97 and yet still sucks just as bad as a Zack Duke or something.  Maybe that should go as a lesson to some of the people that freak out just because a guy’s a starter that throws in the mid-high 90’s; they don’t always pan out.  Jackson’s just a lucky one that has managed not to blow out his elbow.  Although, when you talk about the increase in the amount of sliders thrown, maybe he’s just about due.

    I’m still not a big fan of bringing a guy like that in when he’s going to represent at least 20% of the team salary.  That’s a bad move no matter who it is or how reliable they are.  At least people aren’t crying about why we didn’t fix our first base problem by paying Pujols or that fat guy that went to Detroit 25 million a year into the next century; then we’re talking about one player that holds about 50-60%. 

  • I’d rather have Brian Burress…

  • Attention K-Mart shoppers!!!

  • John.alcorn, you said “The front office has had yet another bad offseason”. What i want to know is in what year did Huntington and Co had a good one? Neal can’t do much with the budget(under 50M) he is given every year. The day I believe the Pirates will go out and sign a player that actually has talent and make a huge diffenece in the team is a day that the world will end. 

    Bob Nutting is a business man and his model is to run all of his business on small budgets(7 Springs too) on hopes that they turn out a large profit fot him. I highly doubt he is even a sports fan(Never see or hear that he attends games). All Bob cares about is if the Pirates are profitable. Keeping the payroll low is the only way he is sured to make a yearly profit. We the fans are the ones that put our heart and souls into them to only suffer, while Bob Nutting and his family sleeps comfortably in his mansion.

    • ALL team owners want to make a profit.  ALL of them.  The only one who didnt last season was Mike Illitch.

    • Bob, I agree NH has had 4 straight bad offseasons. Its not just about FA signings though, you can easily argue that FA spending is the wrong approach. In my opinion its more about failing to take advantage of the trade market. Last year it was the cheap Arb eligible position player like Hardy and Reynolds. This year it has been the blocked prospect with Rizzo, Alonso, Grandal, Lowrie, etc. NH has not been able to read the tea leaves that are painfully obvious to even dedicated fans. The last two years relief pitching has been valuable enought o acquire quality lineup fixes. NH’s greatest strength has been cheap bullpen building, so why not deal from that strength to fix issues?

  • If this is a Major League deal I could see some outrage and frustration but if not who cares at all. Every single team signs a bunch of these guys for ST and for minorleague depth. Hopefully a few of them are serviceable. Like tim said using 15-20 bullpen arms in a year tends to spread you pretty thin.

  • Well said John. Another garbage piece of trash signing for this organization. Your point about SP and 1B is spot on. I think most fans were ready to deal with the 1B situation of Jones/McGehee. I personally would have loved to Derrick Lee back, but this isnt bad.
    With Morton potentially not ready to start the season, SP worries me. We heard so much from PP about how Edwin Jackson would make sense for the Pirates but they were never even mentioned as a possibility. They just refuse to spend any amount of moeny in the open market, it’s just that simple. Taillon and Cole are their guys and that’s it.  

    • Jackson would not have come here.  And Lee never wanted to in the first place.

      • Yep;  goes like this:

        (Phone ringing)..
        Agent: “Hello ? ”
        NH:  Hey ; it’s Neal !

        Until the Bucs become relevant again; _ _ it’s gonna happen.  Good free agents are wary of coming to a perennial losing team. 

  • Brian Tallet, woo hoo. They sure like pitchers with high walk rates for some reason.

    Player X = XAVIER NADY!
    Get him, Pirates!

  • Typical yearly Dumpster Dive move by Huntington. He figures if you throw enough crap against the wall something is bound to stick. I am suprised that Fans are shocked about these type os signings, we have seen them year in and year out for the past few years.

    • Bob, nobody is shocked, they are just frustrated. The only activity in the last month has been these kinds of moves.

      The front office has had yet another bad offseason. They failed to fill gaping holes (SP, 1B) to win now and they failed to do anything to make the team better in the future. Its another year of stopgaps, but I’m not sure there really is a gap to fill. The poingt of a stopgap is to fill a need until player X is ready, at SS and 1B there is no player X in the system.

    • all teams dumpster dive.  this is not exclusive to the pirates.

  • This is a complete joke.  please waste the time and patience of your fans….18 relievers is Hideo Nomo available?

  • i know depth is good, but seriously, enough relief pitching already…there is enough already!

    • Just for reference, the Pirates used 18 different relief pitchers last year. 22 in 2010. While they’ve got a lot of good options, extra depth never hurts.

  • Team certainly doesn’t seem to have much faith in Moskos.

    Hopefully he be good this year and live up to billing of first round pick.  I could see this as his last year in organization if he doesn’t perform well.

  • Now we understand why EJax got away; we were busy working on deals with Cruz and Tallet.

  • Cool. This is great news.

  • 34 yr old has been

  • Eh….certainly doesn’t look like the Edwin Jackson to Washington signing.