Jones arbitration ruling expected Thursday

Photo by Mark Olson

PITTSBURGH — First baseman Garrett Jones’ arbitration ruling is expected tomorrow, according to the Associated Press.

Jones, 30, asked for $2.5 million in his first year of arbitration, the Pirates countered with $2.25 million. Jones made $455,500 during the 2011 season.

The Pirates and Jones both stated their cases today in a salary arbitration hearing. The arbitrators will pick one of the two figures and the ruling is expected Thursday.

Jones finished the 2011 season with a .243 avg, 30 doubles, 16 home runs and 58 RBI over 148 games with the Pirates. His 58 home runs since 2009 rank first on the Pirates (Andrew McCutchen is second with 51).

Casey McGehee, who the Pirates acquired in a trade with the Milwaukee Brewers for reliever Jose Veras this offseason, is reported to have his arbitration case with the Pirates tomorrow. McGehee asked for $2.725 million, the Pirates countered with $2.35 million. He is also first-time arbitration eligible.

  • I don’t know why arbitration results are even reported. Who cares about them besides the two parties involved? (and the folks who don’t know anything about baseball so the financial stuff is the only thing they can talk about and appear to be knowledgable to the unknowing?)

  • Why they couldn’t split the difference is beyond me.

    • I forget who made this point, but I was reading about another player and team that were close with their figures. The author suggested that the two sides would go to arbitration since there was little downside if either one lost.

      With Jones there are three outcomes. Avoid arbitration and take the midpoint ($2.375 M). Go to arbitration, win, and get $2.5 M. Or go to arbitration, lose, and take $2.25 M.

      If he loses in arbitration, he’s getting $125 K less than what he would have gotten by splitting the difference. If he wins, he gets $125 K more than he would have. Neither is a big figure in comparison to his overall salary. He’s guaranteed $2.25 M. He could play it safe and go for $2.375 M, or he could take a risk for the chance of $2.5 M.