Dmitri Young Works out for Hurdle at Pirate City

PITTSBURGH — Veteran Dmitri Young worked out in front of Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle and staff today at Pirate City, according to Tom Singer of

It was reported last week that Young, who hasn’t played in the Majors since 2008, would travel to Bradenton, Fla., to work out in front of the Pirates.

According to Singer, the 38-year-old Young held up well to rigorous workouts at the field –he ran the bases, took balls to first base, threw from the outfield and hit from both sides of the plate.

Young has been trying to revive a baseball career and even went to the Winter Meetings in Dallas Texas to make his case in front of front office people. Young is also reported to be in great shape, down to 232 from 295 he weighed during the 2008 season.

Hurdle said his interest in Young is “in the early stages” according to Singer, and has had conversations about him internally. Young hit .280 with four home runs, and 10 RBI over 50 games with the Washington Nationals his last season in the big leagues in 2008.

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Low risk, high reward at this point, why not give him a look?

John Lease

Because where is the upside?  Matt Hague, Garrett Jones and even McGehee already have roster spots.  Someone who is 38 and is ‘thin’ for the first time in 20 years?  Don’t take away playing time from guys who might actually develop into something.  Or take fielding time away from Jones.  He’s not a good 1st baseman at all, he’ll need all the fielding practice he can get.

John Lease

Ugh.  A guy who ate his way out of the league?  Pass.

James S

I don’t expect to see McGehee much at first base. He is not a natural first baseman, and Garrett Jones is better at the position, with a much longer reach. Besides, Jones is the guy facing righties. There are way more righties than lefties. The guy facing the righties is always the one who plays most. I see McGehee moving around giving guys days off more. He’s more a threat to Alvarez’s job than he is to Jones’ job.

One thing about Hurdle though, he always tries to go with 8 hottest-streaking hitters, and I like that.
Baseball is a game of streaks.

I still hope Hague gets the bench job over Evans or Fox. If Evans remains with the team and goes to triple A, he will be a worthy replacement for an injured player down the road.

I think Dmitri Young is a longshot, but might be a decent bench guy. It will be at Evans & Fox’s expense though if he makes the team. Fox is probably the biggest longshot.

I do like this Yamaico Navarro kid too, and hope he gets the middle infield backup job.

Robert S. Myers

I have no problem with this if it is a minor league deal with a invite to spring training.  Then, if he rakes, he can make the team as a backup first baseman.  He was always a good hitter, with not much power.  If he tanks, send him down and Haque can play 1b along with McGee.


aren’t you forgetting jones..

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