2012 Draft Bonus Pools Are Set

Jim Callis of Baseball America has announced that the bonus pools for the 2012 MLB draft are set. The only player who could impact the potential bonuses would be Derrek Lee, who is expected to either retire, or sign a minor league deal. Neither option would generate a compensation pick for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The bonus pool for the Pirates is $6,563,500. That’s the 16th biggest pool in the draft, putting them far from their usual spot as one of the top spenders from the last few years. The total includes the $2.9 M that the Pirates have to spend on their first round pick, the eighth overall selection.

The Pirates will have $3,663,500 to spend on the remaining ten picks in the first ten rounds, including the compensation pick they will receive for Ryan Doumit. That figure would also include the difference of any bonus over $100,000 signed after the 10th round.

Last year the Pirates spent almost $8.5 M in draft pool eligible money after the first round. A big portion of that went to Josh Bell, who received $5 M. With the current draft pool, the Pirates could spend $2.9 M on their first round pick, and still get the same talent as the 2011 draft, minus Bell. That draft included the $1.2 M bonus paid to 9th round pick Clayton Holmes, the $600 K paid to 5th round pick Tyler Glasnow, and the $550 K paid to 7th round pick Jake Burnette.

The 2011 draft would have probably been viewed as a disappointment without Bell. The addition of Holmes helped, and Alex Dickerson looked like a potential steal in the third round, but for a team that needs to build through the draft, the Pirates needed an impact like Bell. The 2012 bonus pool will allow them to add guys like Holmes, Glasnow, and Burnette, but they’re not going to get a chance at a guy like Bell again, unless they want to pay the penalty of going over slot. That penalty would result in a 100% tax on the over-slot amount, and the loss of two first round draft picks.

2012 Draft

  • Well, if nothing else, at least the draft picks should sign their contracts sooner so that they can get some professional playing time in before the season is over.

  • It is what it is.  No more hi-jacking by Boras, no more Alvarez BS deals.  Pluses outway the minuses for me.

  • ” The Pirates will have $3,663,500 to spend on the remaining ten picks in the first round,”
    Did you mean on the 10 picks after the first (8th overall) pick? 

  • Still not sure he would turn down $6-7 mill if it were offered again.  With Bedard, Burnett, Barmes, Barajas…holy crap, are we trying for a bootleg version of the Killer B’s?  He’d have to see that they are better than last year. I’m just sooo shocked he wouldn’t take it over retirement.

  • Will the Pirates be more inclined to take college players with their early picks? 

    8th overall is pretty high, but a high school kid might not be convinced that $2.9M is worth skipping college.  College picks have always been lower risk as far as getting them to sign, but without huge bonus offers, it seems high school kids will be much bigger risks. 

    • The thing about the $2.9 M is that there’s not much of a chance for a bigger payday in the future. This is basically hard slotting. A high school player would have to be one of the top picks in the draft three years down the line to get a significant raise over the $2.9 M this year.

      Based on this year’s slot prices, a player would have to move up to 4th overall in 3 years to get an extra $1.3 M.

  • Thank goodness Bud and the boys put an end to that over the top abuse of the system that the Pirates were engaging in. Gotta stop that extravagant spending.

    If our budget is only $6.5, Boston’s must be really low since they pick late in round 1? No, you say, they get a bigger pool? What the heck?!?!

    • No doubt.  Between these draft guidelines and the expanded playoffs (which was NOT done to help teams like the Bucs, Royals, Padres, etc…but to ensure NY and BOS will continue to be in the playoffs more often…bank on that), could it be anymore evident that Bud knows who he wants to succeed? 

  • “The 2011 draft would have probably been viewed as a disappointment without Bell.”

    I disagree. While I think he greatly helped, we have no idea who we might’ve taken. There were some good hitters still out there.

  • I just want to give a big THANK YOU to D Lee for a) spurning us and b) not signing with someone else so that we could get a comp pick.

    I USED to like him!

    • Hey D Lee, Come sign back on in Pittsburgh.  We’ll give you a chance to play everyday.