Pittsburgh Pirates 2012 Top Prospects: #9 – Kyle McPherson

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To recap the countdown so far:

10. Nick Kingham

We continue the countdown with the number nine prospect, Kyle McPherson.

Kyle McPherson was the Pirates Prospects 2011 Pitcher of the Year.

9. Kyle McPherson, RHP

McPherson’s 2011 season was all about showing he could have success in the upper levels of the minors. He had great numbers in West Virginia in 2010, but they came in his second run through the level, and at the age of 22. He was promoted to Bradenton at the end of the year, but only saw four innings at the level.

McPherson returned to Bradenton in 2011, and got off to a great start. He had an amazing 0.8 BB/9 ratio in 71.2 innings, leading to a WHIP below 1.00. He was moved up to Altoona mid-season, and didn’t miss a beat. His walks returned to a realistic level, but were still low. His other numbers were very similar to his performance in high-A, with an increase in his strikeouts.

He sits in the 92-93 MPH range with his fastball, and tops out at 95. He has a plus curveball and a solid changeup, giving him a great three pitch mix. All of this is offered up with excellent control, leading to less than two walks per nine innings in his career. A conservative projection puts McPherson as a number three starter who can throw 200 innings a year. He could become a number two starter if he doesn’t see a drop off in AAA during the 2012 season.

  • Really nice season for Kyle. It’s a little unfortunate for both Kingham and McPherson not to be rated higher, but a testament to what’s available, as noted by Lee Young.

    If he starts at AAA in ’12 does he project to be first in the ‘wave’ of pitching prospects to hit the MLB rotation full time?

  • Thanks for these great reports!

    1 Question: When you say number 3 starter … does that mean number 3 starter for the Pirates, or number 3 starter for any ML team?  Or to clarify it further … would that mean number 3 starter compared to what the Pirates have now, or some future scenario?

  • Nothing to do with Kyle…
    …Where would Alex Dickerson rank?  Does he have any chance of being legit?  What kind of time table would it be for him?

    • We’re releasing the top 10 rankings on the site. The 11-50 rankings and scouting reports will be in the Prospect Guide. Dickerson didn’t make the top 10.

  • How does he compare to Rudy Owens going into 2011?

    • I’d say they aren’t very close.  Owens has acceptable stuff for a lefty, while McPherson has good stuff for a pitcher.  Better fastball, better control, better curve.  I agree with Lee Young as well, it’s really nice to see a guy like this stuck at #9.

  • Your first two prospects make me excited and we haven’t even gotten to the big guns yet. I remember the days when guys like Kingham and McPh were in our top 5.